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SQL Anywhere 11.0.1 » MobiLink - Server Administration » MobiLink Reference » Deploying MobiLink applications


Deploying SQL Anywhere MobiLink clients

  • For SQL Anywhere clients, you need to deploy a SQL Anywhere database server and the MobiLink client.

    See Deploying databases and applications.

  • If you are redistributing MobiLink synchronization clients you need to include the following files in your installation, in addition to those required for the SQL Anywhere database.

  • When deploying the files below, place them in the same directory structure unless otherwise noted.

  • To deploy Sybase Central, see Deploying administration tools.

  • There is a deployment wizard for Windows. See Using the Deployment Wizard.

  • For Windows Mobile deployment, files that are listed below in the bin32 directories are located in the ce\arm.50 directory. .NET assemblies are placed in the ce\Assembly\v2 directory.

Windows applications

All directories are relative to install-dir.

Description Windows files
MobiLink synchronization client (dbmlsync)
  • bin32\dbcon11.dll2
  • bin32\dbicu11.dll3
  • bin32\dblgen11.dll1
  • bin32\dblib11.dll
  • bin32\dbmlsync.exe
  • bin32\dbtool11.dll2
Dbmlsync integration component (deprecated)
  • MobiLink synchronization client files
  • Visual component: bin32\dbmlsynccomg.dll
  • Non-visual component: bin32\dbmlsynccom.dll
Security option2
  • bin32\mlcecc11.dll
  • bin32\mlcrsa11.dll
  • bin32\mlcrsafips11.dll
  • bin32\sbgse2.dll
ActiveSync and HotSync utilities
  • bin32\mlasinst.exe
  • bin32\mlasdesk.dll
  • bin32\dbcon11.exe
  • ce\chip\mlasdev.dll (where chip can be any supported chip, such as arm.50)
  • bin32\dblgen11.dll1
  • bin32\dblsn.exe
  • bin32\lsn_udp.dll
  • bin32\lsn_swi510.dll
  • bin32\maac555.dll
  • bin32\maac750.dll
  • bin32\maac750r3.dll
  • bin32\mabridge.dll

1 For German, Japanese, and Chinese editions, substitute en with de, ja, and zh, respectively.

2 Not required on Windows Mobile unless you use the dbtools interface.

3 Not required if the database is initialized with dbinit -zn UTF8BIN. See Initialization utility (dbinit).

Unix applications on Unix, Linux, and Macintosh

All directories are relative to install-dir.

Description Unix files
MobiLink synchronization client
  • bin32/dbmlsync
  • res/dblgen11.res
  • lib32/libdbcon11_r.so1
  • lib32/libdbicu11_r.so1
  • lib32/libdblib11_r.so1
  • lib32/libdbtool11_r.so1
Security option2
  • lib32/libmlcecc11_r.so1
  • lib32/libmlcrsa11_r.so1

1For Linux, the file extension is .so. For the Macintosh, the file extension is .dylib.

2 Transport-layer security requires that you obtain the separately-licensed SQL Anywhere security option and is subject to export regulations. To order this component, see Separately licensed components.