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BrowseMessages method

This method is deprecated. Use the BrowseMessagesByQueue(string) method instead.

Visual Basic
Overloads Public Function BrowseMessages( _
   ByVal address As String _
) As System.Collections.IEnumerator
public System.Collections.IEnumerator BrowseMessages(
   string  address
  • address   The address of the messages.

Return value

An enumerator over the available messages.


Browses the next available messages waiting that have been sent to a given address. The address parameter takes the form store-id\queue-name or queue-name. The messages are just being browsed, so they cannot be acknowledged.

Because browsing messages allocates native resources, you should call the Reset() method of the enumerator when you are done with it. If it is not called, the native resources are not freed until this QAManagerBase object is freed.

Use QAManagerBase.GetMessage to receive messages so they can be acknowledged.

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