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AcknowledgementMode class

public AcknowledgementMode

Indicates how messages should be acknowledged by QAnywhere client applications.

The IMPLICIT_ACKNOWLEDGEMENT and EXPLICIT_ACKNOWLEDGEMENT modes are assigned to a QAManager instance using the open method. The TRANSACTIONAL mode is implicitly assigned to QATransactionalManager instances.

For more information, see Initializing a QAnywhere API.

In implicit acknowledgement mode, messages are acknowledged when they are received by a client application. In explicit acknowledgement mode, you must call one of the QAManager acknowledgement methods. In transactional mode, you must call the commit method from the QATransactionalManager instance to acknowledge all outstanding messages. The server propagates all status changes from client to client.

For transactional messaging, use the QATransactionalManager. In this case, you use the commit method to acknowledge messages belonging to a transaction.

You can determine the mode of a QAManagerBase instance using the getMode property.

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