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SQL Anywhere 11.0.1 » QAnywhere » Writing QAnywhere client applications » Browsing QAnywhere messages


Browsing a message by ID

You can browse a particular message by specifying its ID to a browseMessagesbyID() method.

The following .NET example uses the QAManager.BrowseMessageByID method to browse a message:

QAMessage msg;
IEnumerator msgs = mgr.BrowseMessagesByID( "ID:123" );
if( msgs.MoveNext() ) {
  msg = (QAMessage)msgs.Current;
  // Process message.

The following C++ example uses the QAManager browseMessageByID function to browse a message :

QAMessage *msg;
qa_browse_handle bh = mgr->browseMessagesByID( _T( "ID:123" ) );
msg = mgr->browseNextMessage( bh );
if( msg != qa_null ) {
  // Process message.
mgr->browseClose( bh );

The following Java example uses the QAManager.browseMessageByID method to browse a message:

QAMessage msg;
java.util.Enumeration msgs = mgr.browseMessagesByID( "ID:123" );
if( msgs.hasMoreElements() ) {
  msg = (QAMessage)msgs.nextElement();
  // Process message.
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