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Adaptive Server Anywhere behavior changes

The following is a list of behavior changes from previous versions of the software.

  • New naming convention for renamed transaction log files   Double digits at the end of transaction log files renamed during backup have been changed to double characters. For example, the renamed log file from the first backup on December 10, 2000, is now named 001210AA.log instead of 00121001.log. The first two digits indicate the year, the second two digits indicate the month, the third two digits indicate the day of the month, and the final two characters distinguish among different backups made on the same day. This increases the number of backups possible in a day from 100 to 676.

  • LOAD TABLE now recalculates computed columns   LOAD TABLE now detects computed columns and evaluates them for each row inserted into the table.

  • Adaptive Server Anywhere Console utility (dbconsole) now allows connections to be reconnected   Previously an Adaptive Server Anywhere Console utility (dbconsole) session only allowed one connection. Connections can now be disconnected and reconnected without exiting the application.

Deprecated and unsupported features

This list includes features that are no longer supported and that impact existing applications.

  • DEBUG connection parameter deprecated   The DEBUG connection parameter has been deprecated. You can still use LOG parameter to create a log file containing the debug information. From version 8.0.1 on, LOG=filename does what DEBUG=YES;LOG=filename used to do.

    For more information, see Connection parameters.

  • AGENT connection parameter deprecated   The AGENT connection parameter has been deprecated. You can use the CommLinks parameter with appropriate protocol options to achieve the same behavior.

    For more information, see Connection parameters.

  • Port connection property removed   The port connection parameter has been removed.

  • Adaptive Server Anywhere Translation Driver removed   Use of translation drivers is no longer recommended. The server automatically handles character set conversion.

  • SharedMemory tried first   The ports specified in the LINKS= connection parameter were tried in the order in which they were specified. Now, if the sharedmemory (shmem) port is specified, it is tried first, followed by the other ports specified in the order in which they appear.

  • GLOBAL AUTOINCREMENT   The default value has been changed from 0 to 2147483647. global_database_id can now be set to 0 and will cause values to be generated starting at 1.