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MobiLink behavior changes

The following is a list of behavior changes from previous versions of the software.

  • serial communications protocol no longer supported   The serial protocol is no longer supported. In its place, you can use HTTP, HTTPS, or TCP/IP.

  • Certicom no longer a certificate-issuing authority   You can no longer obtain transport-layer security certificates from Certicom. However, you can continue to use the Certicom reqtool utility to generate certificate requests, and you can purchase the certificates from a variety of other sources, including VeriSign and Entrust Technologies.

    For more information, see [external link] or [external link]

  • dbmlsrv option -vw deprecated   The -vw dbmlsrv command line option, which was used to suppress warning messages, has been deprecated. In its place, you can use -zw or -zwd.

    For more information, see -zw option and -zwd option.

  • dbmlsync option -v behavior change   The -v dbmlsync command line option has been altered and expanded. Now, using -v alone causes minimum verbosity.

    For more information, see -v option.

  • Full-length English day names are recognized regardless of the language used by the synchronization server   When creating schedules for MobiLink users, publications, and subscriptions, or when specifying scheduling information on the dbmlsync command line, you must use the full-length form of English day names (such as Monday) if you want the schedule to be recognized by a synchronization server running in a language other than English.

    Schedules that use the abbreviated English day names (such as Mon) are not recognized by synchronization servers running in languages other than English.

    For more information, see CREATE SYNCHRONIZATION USER statement [MobiLink].

  • Better support for long data in dbmlsync   DBMLSync now handles BLOBs in a much more efficient way while building the upload stream. BLOBs are now read into memory in pieces, so the ability to handle long BLOBs is no longer limited by available memory. When multiple publications are synchronized at one time, BLOB data is stored one time and shared between the upload streams. The output log now prints the size of the BLOB and its first 32 bytes.

  • HTTP option use_cookies removed   The use_cookies option has been removed. If you use it, the option is ignored. MobiLink now automatically detects when it needs cookies.