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Behavior changes

Following is a list of product-wide changes in version 10.0.0.

  • Location of samples directory changed   The samples included with SQL Anywhere 10 are no longer installed under your SQL Anywhere 10 installation directory. As a result of this change, the sample databases are now installed to the following locations:

    Sample database Location
    SQL Anywhere sample database samples-dir\demo.db
    MobiLink CustDB sample consolidated database application samples-dir\MobiLink\CustDB\
    UltraLite CustDB sample database samples-dir\UltraLite\CustDB\

    For a list of the default location of samples-dir for each supported operating system, see Samples directory.

  • Unsupported platforms   The following platforms are no longer supported:

    • Windows 95
    • Windows 98
    • Windows Me
    • Windows NT
    • Compaq Tru64

    For other changes to platform support, see Supported platforms.

  • Sample database revised and renamed   The SQL Anywhere sample database is now called demo.db. Objects such as tables, columns, views, and indexes now have full-word names to benefit users who use screen readers. See SQL Anywhere sample database.

  • Miscellaneous file name changes   In addition to file name changes mentioned for individual products, the following file names have changed:

    Old name New name
    asa.cvf sqlany.cvf
    asaldap.ini saldap.ini
    asasrv.ini sasrv.ini
    install-dir/SYBSasa9/lib sqlanywhere10/lib32 or sqlanywhere10/lib64
    install-dir/SYBSasa9/bin sqlanywhere10/bin32 or sqlanywhere10/bin64

To reflect the new product name, some registry keys have changed. They are now:

HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Eventlog\Application\SQLANY 10.0
HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Eventlog\Application\SQLANY 10.0 Admin 
HKLM\SOFTWARE\Sybase\Sybase Central\5.0 (registry entries) 
HKLM\SOFTWARE\Sybase\SQL Anywhere\10.0 (registry entries)

In addition to file changes mentioned for individual products, the following file has been added: ulbase.lib.

The following service group names have changed:

Description Old name New name
Network server ASANYServer SQLANYServer
Personal server ASANYEngine SQLANYEngine
MobiLink synchronization client ASANYMLSync SQLANYMLSync
Changes to ODBC drivers used by MobiLink, QAnywhere, and remote data access
  • Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise driver   SQL Anywhere no longer includes an iAnywhere Solutions ODBC driver for Adaptive Server Enterprise. Instead, the Adaptive Server Enterprise native driver is tested to work with MobiLink. The iAnywhere Solutions 9 - Adaptive Server Enterprise Wire Protocol driver is no longer supported.

    See [external link]

  • IBM UDB DB2 driver   SQL Anywhere no longer includes an iAnywhere Solutions ODBC driver for DB2. Instead, the IBM DB2 8.2 CLI driver is tested to work with MobiLink. This native DB2 driver supports DB2 versions 8.1 and 8.2. The following drivers are no longer supported: IBM DB2 7.2 ODBC driver and iAnywhere Solutions 9 - DB2 Wire Protocol driver.

    See [external link]

  • Oracle driver   The iAnywhere Solutions 10 - Oracle Wire Protocol driver is available by separate download.

    See [external link]