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Upgrading version 9 and earlier UltraLite databases

Upgrading previous versions of UltraLite databases requires that you:


You cannot connect to an older version of the database with any UltraLite 11.0.0 administration tools except ulunloadold.exe until you have upgraded the database.

Special database upgrade considerations
  • The UltraLite schema is now part of the database, and is no longer stored in a separate .usm file. Applications must deploy an initial database or programmatically create a database using new CreateDatabase functionality.

  • File formats have been consolidated as of version 10 of UltraLite. This means that most platforms can now share a database, and as a result, Unicode characters are no longer required.

    If you need characters that are not included in your chosen collation, you should encode your database with UTF-8. See UltraLite platform requirements for character set encoding and UltraLite utf8_encoding creation parameter.

    Windows Mobile and desktop databases

    If you are upgrading databases for either of these platforms and no longer need Unicode characters, do not UTF-8 encode the database. UTF-8 encoding can unnecessarily increase the size of your database.

  • As of version 10, all database passwords are case sensitive, regardless of the case sensitivity of the database. Consequently, user IDs, passwords, and even trusted root certificates may not be preserved as you upgrade your database. You must add former user IDs, passwords, and trusted root certificates to the new UltraLite database. The default DBA password for new databases is sql. If no user ID or password is given, DBA and sql are assumed, respectively.

UltraLite database upgrade paths
UltraLite database upgrade tools
Porting version 9 and earlier UltraLite application code to version 11.0.0
Extracting UltraLite databases from version 9 and earlier SQL Anywhere databases