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SQL Anywhere 11.0.1 » Error Messages » MobiLink communication error messages


MobiLink communication error messages sorted by error constant

Error constant Message text
ACTSYNC_NO_PORT ActiveSync synchronization cannot be initiated by an application
ACTSYNC_NOT_INSTALLED ActiveSync provider has not been installed
AUTHENTICATION_FAILED MobiLink authentication failed
CONNECT_TIMEOUT Connection attempt timed out
COULD_NOT_OPEN_FILE Unable to open '%1'
COULD_NOT_OPEN_FILE_FOR_WRITE Could not open %1 for write
CREATE_RANDOM_OBJECT Unable to create a random number object
DEQUEUING_CONNECTION Unable to dequeue from the connection queue
DUN_DIAL_FAILED Failed dialing to %1
DUN_NOT_SUPPORTED Automatic dialup is not supported on this machine
E2EE_DECODING_PRIVATE_KEY_FILE Unable to decode the e2ee_private_key file '%1'. The error code is %2
E2EE_INIT_ECC Unable to initialize ECC for end-to-end encryption. The error code is %1
E2EE_INVALID_TYPE Invalid e2ee_type '%1'
E2EE_MISMATCHED_KEYS Mismatched end-to-end encryption keys
E2EE_MISSING_PRIVATE_KEY Missing e2ee_private_key
E2EE_MISSING_PRIVATE_KEY_PASSWORD Missing e2ee_private_key_password for the e2ee_private_key file '%1'
E2EE_NO_PRIVATE_KEY_IN_FILE There is no private key in the e2ee_private_key file '%1'
E2EE_PUBLIC_KEY Unable to read the e2ee public key
E2EE_READING_PRIVATE_KEY Unable to read the e2ee_private_key file '%1'. The error code is %2
E2EE_READING_PRIVATE_KEY_FILE Unable to read the e2ee_private_key file '%1'. The error code is %2
E2EE_UNEXPECTED_PRIVATE_KEY_TYPE Unexpected private key type. Expecting %1 but found %2 in the e2ee_private_key file '%3'
E2EE_UNEXPECTED_PUBLIC_KEY_ENC_TYPE Unexpected public key end-to-end encryption type. Expecting %1 but received %2
E2EE_UNKNOWN_PUBLIC_KEY_ENC_TYPE Unknown public key end-to-end encryption type sent from client: %1
END_READ An end read failed
END_WRITE An end write failed
GENERATE_RANDOM Unable to generate a random number
HTTP_AUTHENTICATION_REQUIRED A userid and password are required for HTTP authentication
HTTP_BAD_STATUS_CODE An error status was returned: '%1'
HTTP_BUFFER_SIZE_OUT_OF_RANGE The HTTP buffer size specified is out of the valid range
HTTP_CHUNK_LEN_BAD_CHARACTER An unexpected character was read while parsing the chunk length. %1
HTTP_CHUNK_LEN_ENCODED_MISSING Failed to read encoded chunk length
HTTP_CLIENT_ID_NOT_SET Client id is not available for use in HTTP header
HTTP_CONTENT_TYPE_NOT_SPECIFIED The content type '%1' is unknown
HTTP_CRLF_ENCODED_MISSING Failed to read encoded CR LF
HTTP_EXPECTED_POST Expected data from remote but current request is not a POST
HTTP_EXTRA_DATA_END_READ Extra data found in the HTTP body: %1
HTTP_HEADER_PARSE_ERROR Error parsing HTTP header: %1
HTTP_INTERNAL_HEADER_STATE Unexpected HTTP state %1 when decoding the header
HTTP_INTERNAL_REQUEST_TYPE Unexpected internal HTTP request type %1
HTTP_INVALID_SESSION_KEY The session key type '%1' is unknown
HTTP_MALFORMED_SESSION_COOKIE Malformed session cookie (ML_SESSION_ID) value: %1
HTTP_NO_CONTD_CONNECTION Timed out while waiting for the next HTTP request in this synchronization
HTTP_NO_PASSWORD No password was supplied
HTTP_NO_USERID No userid was supplied
HTTP_PROXY_AUTHENTICATION_REQUIRED A userid and password are required for HTTP proxy authentication
HTTP_SERVER_AUTH_FAILED HTTP server authentication failed
HTTP_UNABLE_TO_PARSE_COOKIE Unable to parse cookie: '%1'
HTTP_UNKNOWN_TRANSFER_ENCODING Unknown transfer encoding: '%1'
HTTP_UNSUPPORTED_AUTH_ALGORITHM Unsupported http authentication algorithm: %1
HTTP_VERSION Unsupported HTTP version: %1
INCONSISTENT_FIPS A secure stream has FIPS explicitly disabled, but the -fips option is in effect
INIT_RANDOM Unable to initialize the random number generator
INTERNAL Internal error (%1)
INTERNAL_API Internal error: %1 returned %2
INTERNAL_PROTOCOL_NOT_LOADED Internal protocol not loaded: %1
INTERRUPTED Operation interrupted
INVALID_COMPRESSION_TYPE Invalid compression type: %1
INVALID_LOCAL_PATH Invalid local path %1 for the downloaded file
INVALID_NETWORK_LIBRARY Invalid or corrupt network interface library: %1
INVALID_SYNC_PROTOCOL Invalid synchronization protocol: %1
LIBRARY_ENTRY_POINT_NOT_FOUND Function %1 could not be found
LOAD_LIBRARY_FAILURE Failed to load library %1
LOAD_NETWORK_LIBRARY Unable to load the network interface library
MEMORY_ALLOCATION Unable to allocate sufficient memory
MISSING_PARAMETER Missing parameter: %1
NETWORK_LIBRARY_VERSION_MISMATCH Network interface library version mismatch. Expecting version %1.%2, but found version %3.%4
NO_ECC_FIPS ECC encryption is not FIPS-compliant
NONE No error or unknown error
NOT_IMPLEMENTED Feature not implemented
PARAMETER Invalid parameter '%1'
PARAMETER_NOT_BOOLEAN Parameter value '%1' is not a valid boolean value. The value must be 0 or 1
PARAMETER_NOT_HEX Parameter value '%1' is not a valid hexadecimal value
PARAMETER_NOT_UINT32 Parameter value '%1' is not an unsigned integer
PARAMETER_NOT_UINT32_RANGE Parameter value '%1' is not an unsigned integer value or range. A range has the form NNN-NNN
PARSE Unable to parse the parameter string '%1'
PROTOCOL_ERROR Protocol error
READ Unable to read %1 bytes
READ_TIMEOUT Timed out trying to read %1 bytes
SECURE_ADD_CERTIFICATE Unable to add a certificate to a certificate chain
SECURE_ADD_TRUSTED_CERTIFICATE Unable to add a trusted certificate
SECURE_CERTIFICATE_COMMON_NAME Unrecognized common name '%1'
SECURE_CERTIFICATE_COMPANY_NAME Unrecognized organization '%1'
SECURE_CERTIFICATE_COMPANY_UNIT Unrecognized organization unit '%1'
SECURE_CERTIFICATE_COUNT No trusted certificates found in %1
SECURE_CERTIFICATE_EXPIRED A certificate has expired
SECURE_CERTIFICATE_EXPIRY_DATE Unable to fetch a certificate expiry date
SECURE_CERTIFICATE_FILE_NOT_FOUND Unable to open certificate file '%1'
SECURE_CERTIFICATE_NOT_TRUSTED Server certificate not trusted
SECURE_CERTIFICATE_ROOT Invalid root certificate
SECURE_CREATE_CERTIFICATE Unable to allocate a certificate
SECURE_CREATE_PRIVATE_KEY_OBJECT Unable to create a private key object
SECURE_DUPLICATE_CONTEXT Unable to duplicate security context
SECURE_EXPORT_CERTIFICATE Unable to copy a certificate
SECURE_HANDSHAKE Handshake error
SECURE_IMPORT_CERT_FROM_SYSTEM_STORE Failed to import a certificate from the system certificate store
SECURE_IMPORT_CERTIFICATE Unable to import a certificate
SECURE_NO_CERTS_IN_SYS_STORE No certificate found in system certificate store
SECURE_NO_SERVER_CERTIFICATE No server certificate was provided
SECURE_NO_SERVER_CERTIFICATE_PASSWORD No server certificate password was provided
SECURE_NO_TRUSTED_ROOTS No trusted root certificates were provided
SECURE_OPEN_SYSTEM_CERT_STORE Failed to open system certificate store
SECURE_READ_CERTIFICATE Unable to read certificates
SECURE_READ_PRIVATE_KEY Unable to read the private key
SECURE_REDUNDANT_SERVER_CERTIFICATE_PASSWORD Password specified for an unencrypted server key
SECURE_SET_IO Unable to attach the network layer to the security layer
SECURE_SET_PRIVATE_KEY Unable to set the private key
SECURE_TRUSTED_CERTIFICATE_FILE_NOT_FOUND Unable to find the trusted certificate file '%1'
SECURE_TRUSTED_CERTIFICATE_READ Error reading from the trusted certificate file '%1'
SEED_RANDOM Unable to seed the random number generator
SERVER_ERROR Server error %1
SHUTTING_DOWN An error occurred during shutdown
SOCKET_BIND Unable to bind a socket to port %1
SOCKET_CLEANUP Unable to clean up the socket layer
SOCKET_CLOSE Unable to close a socket
SOCKET_CONNECT Unable to connect a socket
SOCKET_CREATE_TCPIP Unable to create a TCP/IP socket
SOCKET_CREATE_UDP Unable to create a UDP socket
SOCKET_GET_HOST_BY_ADDR Unable to get host by address
SOCKET_GET_NAME Unable to get a socket's local name
SOCKET_GET_OPTION Unable to get socket option number %1
SOCKET_HOST_NAME_NOT_FOUND The host name '%1' could not be found
SOCKET_LISTEN Unable to listen on a socket. The backlog is %1
SOCKET_LIVENESS_OUT_OF_RANGE Invalid liveness timeout value %1. The value must be between zero and 65535
SOCKET_LOCALHOST_NAME_NOT_FOUND Unable to determine localhost
SOCKET_PORT_OUT_OF_RANGE Invalid port number %1. The value must be between zero and 65535
SOCKET_SELECT Unable to select a socket status
SOCKET_SET_OPTION Unable to set socket option number %1
SOCKET_SHUTDOWN Unable to shut down a socket
SOCKET_STARTUP Unable to initialize the sockets layer
UNEXPECTED_HTTP_REQUEST_TYPE Unexpected request type: %1
UNRECOGNIZED_TLS_TYPE Unrecognized TLS type %1
VALUE_OUT_OF_RANGE The value specified for %1 is out of range
WOULD_BLOCK The operation would cause blocking
WRITE Unable to write %1 bytes
WRITE_TIMEOUT Timed out trying to write %1 bytes