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SQL Anywhere 11.0.1 » Error Messages » SQL Anywhere error messages


SQL Anywhere error messages sorted by message text (L-S)

Label '%1' not found
Language '%1' is not supported, '%2' will be used
Language extension
Language extension detected in syntax near '%1' on line %2
LOAD TABLE error: %1
LOAD TABLE is not allowed on a materialized view %1
LOAD TABLE not allowed on temporary table which has foreign key references from another table
LOAD TABLE not allowed on temporary table with ON COMMIT DELETE ROWS
LOAD TABLE not allowed: initialized immediate materialized view %1 depends on %2
LOAD TABLE not permitted on mirrored database
Local connection ID does not refer to the current database
Login mode '%1' not permitted by login_mode setting
Login policies are not supported for this database
Login policy \"%1\" already exists
Login policy \"%1\" in use
Login policy \"%1\" not found
Maintenance of dependent immediate materialized view(s) failed
Materialized View '%1' not found
Maximum row size for table '%1' would be exceeded
Maximum string length exceeded
Memory error -- transaction rolled back
MERGE statement ANSI cardinality violation on table '%1'
MERGE statement for table '%1' failed because of a RAISERROR specification in the statement
Method '%1' cannot be called at this time
Mirror file requires higher checksum_level
Mismatch between external function platform specifier and current operating system
Missing value for attribute '%1' in service
MobiLink communication error; code: %1, parameter: %2, system code %3
Modifications not permitted for read-only database
More columns are being dropped from table '%1' than are defined
More information required
More than one table is identified as '%1'
Multiple consolidated users cannot be defined
Must include primary key for table '%1' in the synchronization
Must own table '%1' in order to make an immediate view reference it
NAMESPACE attribute is not valid with procedure type '%1'
Namespace heap exhausted at internal function: %1
Need a dynamic library name
No column list for recursive query
No current row of cursor
No database file specified
No indicator variable provided for NULL result
No matching text index
No name for argument
No notification within timeout on queue '%1'
No partial download was found
No plan. HTML_PLAN function is not supported for this type of statement or database
No primary key value for foreign key '%1' in table '%2'
No workload capture currently exists
Non-constant or unknown text query string
Not allowed while '%1' is using the database
Not connected to a database
Not enough fields allocated in SQLDA
Not enough free space on device to grow dbspace '%1' by requested amount
Not enough memory to start
Not enough values for host variables
NULL attribute mismatch for column '%1'
Null value eliminated in aggregate function
Number of columns allowing NULLs exceeds limit
Number of columns defined for the view does not match SELECT statement
Only PUBLIC settings are allowed for option '%1'
Only the DBA can set the option '%1'
Operation '%1' failed for reason: '%2'
Operation conflict with publication type
Operation failed because table or view '%1' has an INSTEAD OF trigger
Operation is not allowed
Operation not allowed on a table with dependent immediate materialized views
Operation would cause a group cycle
Option '%1' specified more than once
ORDER BY not allowed in window '%1'
Output file cannot be written
Owner '%1' used in a qualified column reference does not match correlation name '%2'
Parameter '%1' cannot be null
Parameter '%1' in procedure or function '%2' does not have a default value
Parameter '%1' not found in procedure '%2'
Parameter name missing in call to procedure '%1'
Parameter not registered as output parameter
Parent not open: '%1'
Parse error: %1
Parse error: %1
PARTITION BY not allowed in reference to window '%1'
Passthrough SQL script failed
Passthrough SQL script failed
Passthrough statement inconsistent with current passthrough
Password cannot be longer than %1 characters
Password contains an illegal character
Password has expired
Password has expired but cannot be changed because the database is read-only
Password must be at least %1 characters
Permission denied: %1
Plan can not be generated for this type of statement
Plan may contain virtual indexes
Plan not available. NOEXEC Plan can not be generated for this type of statement
Positioned update operation attempted on a view with an INSTEAD OF trigger
Previous error lost prior to RESIGNAL
Primary key column '%1' already defined
Primary key for row in table '%1' is referenced by foreign key '%2' in table '%3'
Primary key for table '%1' is not unique : Primary key value ('%2')
Procedure '%1' is no longer valid
Procedure '%1' not found
Procedure '%1' terminated with unhandled exception '%2'
Procedure has completed
Procedure in use by '%1'
Procedure or trigger calls have nested too deeply
Publication '%1' not found
Publication predicates were not evaluated
RAISERROR executed: %1
READTEXT or WRITETEXT statement cannot refer to a view
Recursion is not allowed without the RECURSIVE keyword
Recursive column %1: conversion from '%2' to '%3' loses precision
Referential integrity actions other than RESTRICT not allowed for temporary tables
Remote message type '%1' not found
Remote server '%1' could not be found
Remote server '%1' is currently configured as read-only
Remote server does not have the ability to support this statement
Remote statement failed
Reorganize table is already being run on table \"%1\
Request denied -- no active databases
Request interrupted due to timeout
Request to start/stop database denied
Required operators excluded
Resource governor for '%1' exceeded
RESTORE unable to open file '%1'
RESTORE unable to start database '%1'
RESTORE unable to write to file '%1'
Result set not allowed from within an atomic compound statement
Result set not permitted in '%1'
Retrying read of corrupt page (page '%1')
Return type of void from procedure '%1' cannot be used in any expression
Return value cannot be set
Right truncation of string data
Rollback occurred due to deadlock during prefetch
Row has been updated since last time read
Row has changed since last read -- operation canceled
Row in table '%1' was modified or deleted in BEFORE trigger
Row not found
Row was dropped from table %1 to maintain referential integrity
Run time SQL error -- %1
Savepoint '%1' not found
Savepoints require a rollback log
Schedule '%1' for event '%2' already exists
Schedule '%1' for event '%2' not found
Script file missing statement \"go\" delimiter on a separate line
Secure HTTP connections are not supported on this platform
Seek absolute 0 was attempted on a JDBC SAResultSet
Select lists in UNION, INTERSECT, or EXCEPT do not match in length
SELECT returns more than one row
Server '%1': %2
Server capability name '%1' could not be found in the database
Server not found and unable to autostart
Service '%1' already exists
Service '%1' in use
Service '%1' not found
Service definition requires a statement when authorization is off
Service statement definition is inconsistent with service type
Service statement definition is invalid or unsupported
Service type does not allow '%1' attribute
Service type required for CREATE SERVICE
SET clause for column '%1' used incorrectly
SETUSER not allowed in procedures, triggers, events, or batches
Signature '%1' does not match procedure parameters
Snapshot isolation disabled or pending
Specified database file already in use
Specified database is invalid
Specified database not found
Specified file system volume not found for database '%1'
Specified local connection ID not found
SQL statement error
SQLDA data type invalid
SQLDA fields inconsistent for a multi-row SQLDA
sqlpp/dblib version mismatch
Start date/time for non-recurring event '%1' is in the past
Statement cannot be executed
Statement contains an illegal usage of the non-deterministic function '%1'
Statement contains an illegal usage of the NUMBER(*) function
Statement interrupted by user
Statement is not allowed in passthrough mode
Statement not allowed during snapshot
Statement size or complexity exceeds server limits
Statement timed out: '%1'
Statement's size limit is invalid
Strongly-encrypted database files are not supported in the runtime server
Subquery allowed only one select list item
Subquery cannot return more than one row
Subscription to '%1' for '%2' already exists
Subscription to '%1' for '%2' not found
Support for materialized views is not available for this database
Support for permissions on dbspaces is not available for this database
Synchronization download failed to complete
Synchronization failed due to an error on the server: %1
Synchronization is already in progress
Synchronization message type '%1' not found
Synchronization option '%1' contains semi-colon, equal sign, curly brace, or is null
Synchronization option '%1' not found
Synchronization option is too long
Synchronization process was unable to re-enter synchronization
Synchronization profile '%1' already exists
Synchronization profile '%1' has invalid parameter '%2'
Synchronization profile '%1' not found
Synchronization profiles are not supported for this database
Synchronization server failed to commit the upload
Syntax error near '%1' %2
Syntax error near '%1' -- Materialized view definition must not use the following construct: '%2'
Syntax error near '%1' -- The materialized view cannot be changed to immediate because its definition contains an illegal construct: '%2'
Syntax error, cannot specify IQ specific options without specifying IQ PATH
System command failed with return code %1
System event type '%1' not found