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Create Synchronization Model Wizard: Download Subset By SQL Expression page

This page allows you to specify the information required to construct a SQL Expression script. This SQL expression is the same as is used in download_cursor scripts. It is partly generated for you. For an example of how to use this option, see the example below.

This page has the following components:

Tables to add to the download cursor's FROM clause   Type the table name(s) if your download_cursor requires a join to other tables. If the join requires multiple tables, separate them with commas. See Writing download_cursor scripts.

SQL expression to use in the download cursor's WHERE clause   Type a SQL expression to be used in the download cursor WHERE clause. You do not have to write a complete download_cursor. You only need to add extra information to identify the join and other restrictions on the download subset. See Writing download_cursor scripts.


Assume you want to subset the download of a table called Customer by MobiLink user and you also want to only download rows where active=1. The MobiLink user names do not exist in the table you are subsetting, so you must create a join to a table called SalesRep, which contains the user names. This example assumes timestamp-based download.

To configure synchronization for this scenario, type the following into Tables To Add To The Download Cursor's FROM Clause:


Type the following into SQL Expression to Use In The Download Cursor's WHERE Clause:

SalesRep.ml_username = {ml s.username} 
   AND = 1
   AND Customer.cust_id = SalesRep.cust_id

The following download_cursor script is generated based on these settings:

SELECT "DBA"."Customer"."cust_id",
FROM "DBA"."Customer", SalesRep
WHERE "DBA"."Customer"."last_modified" >= {ml s.last_table_download}
 AND SalesRep.ml_username = {ml s.username}
 AND = 1
 AND Customer.cust_id = SalesRep.cust_id

The final line of the WHERE clause creates a key join of Customer to SalesRep.

You can view and modify this script, after the Create Synchronization Wizard finishes, in the Model mode Events tab. See Modifying the download subset.

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