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SQL Anywhere 11.0.1 » Context-Sensitive Help » MobiLink Monitor help


Options window: General tab

This tab has the following components:

Prompt to connect on startup   This option controls whether the Connect to MobiLink Server window appears when the MobiLink Monitor is started. By default, this option is selected, which means that when the MobiLink Monitor is started without any command line options, the Connect to MobiLink Server window appears. If you do not want the Connect to MobiLink Server window to appear when you start the MobiLink Monitor without command line options, clear this option.

Max synchronization count   This is the maximum number of synchronizations that are kept in the current session. The default maximum synchronization count is 100000. Once the limit is reached, you can choose to replace the oldest synchronizations with new ones by selecting the Replace Old Synchronizations With New Ones option.

Replace old synchronizations with new ones   This option controls whether new synchronizations replace the oldest or newest synchronizations in the session when the MobiLink Monitor reaches the maximum synchronization count for the current session. This option is selected by default, meaning that new synchronizations replace the oldest synchronizations in the session.

Maximum sample time   Specify the maximum sample time by entering a value and choosing one of the following measures of time from the dropdown list:

The default is 7 days.

Save automatically when connected to MobiLink server   Select this option to save MobiLink Monitor sessions automatically to a file when the MobiLink Monitor is connected to a MobiLink server. The setting for this option takes effect the next time the MobiLink Monitor connects to a MobiLink server. It does not change the setting for current connections. Data from the MobiLink Monitor session is saved as a binary file (.mlm). Selecting this option enables the Output File and Save Every fields. When this option is selected for a connection, the MobiLink Monitor starts saving session information when it connects to a MobiLink server and stops saving information when it disconnects. The data contained in the output file is overwritten by new data for each time the MobiLink Monitor connects to a MobiLink server.

  • Output file   Type the name of the binary file (with the extension .mlm) where you want to save the current session automatically. You can also click Browse to locate the file.

    If you want to view the data in another tool, such as Microsoft Excel, you must save the data in a comma-separated file (.csv) by choosing File » Save As.

    If you supply an extension to the file name, it must be .mlm or .csv. These are the only file formats the MobiLink Monitor supports.

  • Save every   Specify how often you want the data saved to the output file. By default, the output file is saved every 120 seconds.


To restore the MobiLink Monitor default settings, delete the file .mlMonitorSettings11. This file is stored in your user profiles directory.