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Authentication Status synchronization parameter

This field is set by a synchronization to report the status of MobiLink user authentication. The MobiLink server provides this information to the client.


The syntax varies depending on the API you use.

Allowed values

The allowed values are held in an interface-specific enumeration. For example, for C/C++ applications the enumeration is as follows.

Constant Value Description
UL_AUTH_STATUS_UNKNOWN 0 Authorization status is unknown, possibly because the connection has not yet synchronized.
UL_AUTH_STATUS_VALID 1 User ID and password were valid at the time of synchronization.
UL_AUTH_STATUS_VALID_BUT_EXPIRES_SOON 2 User ID and password were valid at the time of synchronization but will expire soon.
UL_AUTH_STATUS_EXPIRED 3 Authorization failed: user ID or password have expired.
UL_AUTH_STATUS_INVALID 4 Authorization failed: bad user ID or password.
UL_AUTH_STATUS_IN_USE 5 Authorization failed: user ID is already in use.

If a custom authenticate_user synchronization script at the consolidated database returns a different value, the value is interpreted according to the rules given in an authenticate_user connection event. See authenticate_user connection event.

If you are implementing a custom authentication scheme, the authenticate_user or authenticate_user_hashed synchronization script must return one of the allowed values of this parameter.

The parameter is set by the MobiLink server, and so is read-only.

See also

UltraLite for C/C++ applications can access the parameter as follows:

ul_synch_info info;
// ...
returncode = info.auth_status;