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SQL Anywhere 11.0.1 » UltraLite - .NET Programming » UltraLite .NET 2.0 API reference » ULBulkCopy class » WriteToServer methods


WriteToServer(DataTable, DataRowState) method

Copies all rows in the supplied System.Data.DataTable with the specified row state to a destination table specified by the DestinationTableName of the ULBulkCopy object.

Visual Basic
Public Sub WriteToServer( _
   ByVal table As DataTable, _
   ByVal rowState As DataRowState _
public void WriteToServer(
   DataTable table,
   DataRowState rowState
  • table   A System.Data.DataTable whose rows will be copied to the destination table.

  • rowState   A value from the System.Data.DataRowState enumeration. Only rows matching the row state are copied to the destination.


If rowState is specified, then only those rows that have the same row state are copied.

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