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SQLError class

Enumerates the SQL codes that may be reported by UltraLite for M-Business Anywhere. This class provides static constants and cannot be directly instantiated.

members Description
SQLE_AGGREGATES_NOT_ALLOWED See Invalid use of an aggregate function.
SQLE_ALIAS_NOT_UNIQUE See Alias '%1' is not unique.
SQLE_ALIAS_NOT_YET_DEFINED See Definition for alias '%1' must appear before its first reference.
SQLE_AMBIGUOUS_INDEX_NAME See Index name '%1' is ambiguous.
SQLE_BAD_ENCRYPTION_KEY See Incorrect or missing encryption key.
SQLE_BAD_PARAM_INDEX See Input parameter index out of range.
SQLE_CANNOT_ACCESS_FILESYSTEM See Unable to access the filesystem on the device.
SQLE_CANNOT_CHANGE_USER_NAME See Cannot change synchronization user_name when status of the last upload is unknown.
SQLE_CANNOT_CONVERT See Invalid data conversion.
SQLE_CANNOT_EXECUTE_STMT See Statement cannot be executed.
SQLE_CANNOT_MODIFY See Cannot modify column '%1' in table '%2'.
SQLE_CLIENT_OUT_OF_MEMORY See Client out of memory.
SQLE_COLUMN_AMBIGUOUS See Column '%1' found in more than one table -- need a correlation name.
SQLE_COLUMN_CANNOT_BE_NULL See Column '%1' in table '%2' cannot be NULL.
SQLE_COLUMN_IN_INDEX See Cannot alter a column in an index.
SQLE_COLUMN_NOT_FOUND See Column '%1' not found.
SQLE_COLUMN_NOT_INDEXED See Column '%1' not part of any indexes in its containing table.
SQLE_COLUMN_NOT_STREAMABLE See The operation failed because column '%1''s type does not support streaming.
SQLE_COMMUNICATIONS_ERROR See Communication error.
SQLE_CONNECTION_ALREADY_EXISTS See This connection already exists.
SQLE_CONNECTION_NOT_FOUND See Connection not found.
SQLE_CONNECTION_RESTORED See UltraLite connection was restored.
SQLE_CONSTRAINT_NOT_FOUND See Constraint '%1' not found.
SQLE_CONVERSION_ERROR See Cannot convert %1 to a %2.
SQLE_COULD_NOT_FIND_FUNCTION See Could not find '%1' in dynamic library '%2'.
SQLE_COULD_NOT_LOAD_LIBRARY See Could not load dynamic library '%1'.
SQLE_CURSOR_ALREADY_OPEN See Cursor already open.
SQLE_CURSOR_NOT_OPEN See Cursor not open.
SQLE_CURSOR_RESTORED See UltraLite cursor (or result set or table) was restored.
SQLE_CURSOROP_NOT_ALLOWED See Illegal cursor operation attempt.
SQLE_DATABASE_ERROR See Internal database error %1 -- transaction rolled back.
SQLE_DATABASE_NAME_REQUIRED See Database name required to start server.
SQLE_DATABASE_NOT_CREATED See Database creation failed: %1.
SQLE_DATATYPE_NOT_ALLOWED See Expression has unsupported data type.
SQLE_DBSPACE_FULL See A dbspace has reached its maximum file size.
SQLE_DESCRIBE_NONSELECT See Can only describe a SELECT statement.
SQLE_DIV_ZERO_ERROR See Division by zero.
SQLE_DOWNLOAD_CONFLICT See Download failed because of conflicts with existing rows.
SQLE_DOWNLOAD_RESTART_FAILED See Unable to retry download because upload is not finished.
SQLE_DROP_DATABASE_FAILED See An attempt to delete database '%1' failed.
SQLE_DUPLICATE_CURSOR_NAME See The cursor name '%1' already exists.
SQLE_DUPLICATE_FOREIGN_KEY See Foreign key '%1' for table '%2' duplicates an existing foreign key.
SQLE_DUPLICATE_OPTION See Option '%1' specified more than once.
SQLE_DYNAMIC_MEMORY_EXHAUSTED See Dynamic memory exhausted.
SQLE_ENCRYPTION_INITIALIZATION_FAILED See Could not initialize the encryption DLL: '%1'.
SQLE_ENGINE_ALREADY_RUNNING See Database server already running.
SQLE_ENGINE_NOT_MULTIUSER See Database server not running in multi-user mode
SQLE_ERROR See Run time SQL error -- %1.
SQLE_ERROR_CALLING_FUNCTION See Could not allocate resources to call external function.
SQLE_ERROR_IN_ASSIGNMENT See Error in assignment.
SQLE_EXPRESSION_ERROR See Invalid expression near '%1'.
SQLE_FEATURE_NOT_ENABLED See The method you attempted to invoke was not enabled for your application.
SQLE_FILE_BAD_DB See Unable to start specified database: '%1' is not a valid database file.
SQLE_FILE_IN_USE See Specified database file already in use.
SQLE_FILE_NOT_DB See Unable to start specified database: '%1' is not a database.
SQLE_FILE_VOLUME_NOT_FOUND See Specified file system volume not found for database '%1'.
SQLE_FILE_WRONG_VERSION See Unable to start specified database: '%1' was created by a different version of the software.
SQLE_FOREIGN_KEY_NAME_NOT_FOUND See Foreign key name '%1' not found.
SQLE_IDENTIFIER_TOO_LONG See Identifier '%1' too long.
SQLE_INCORRECT_VOLUME_ID See Incorrect volume ID for '%1'.
SQLE_INDEX_NAME_NOT_UNIQUE See Index name '%1' not unique.
SQLE_INDEX_NOT_FOUND See Cannot find index named '%1'.
SQLE_INDEX_NOT_UNIQUE See Index '%1' for table '%2' would not be unique.
SQLE_INTERRUPTED See Statement interrupted by user.
SQLE_INVALID_CONSTRAINT_REF See Invalid reference to or operation on constraint '%1'.
SQLE_INVALID_DESCRIPTOR_INDEX See Invalid descriptor index.
SQLE_INVALID_DESCRIPTOR_NAME See Invalid SQL descriptor name.
SQLE_INVALID_DISTINCT_AGGREGATE See Grouped query contains more than one distinct aggregate function.
SQLE_INVALID_FOREIGN_KEY See No primary key value for foreign key '%1' in table '%2'.
SQLE_INVALID_FOREIGN_KEY_DEF See Column '%1' in foreign key has a different definition than primary key.
SQLE_INVALID_GROUP_SELECT See Function or column reference to '%1' must also appear in a GROUP BY.
SQLE_INVALID_LOGON See Invalid user ID or password.
SQLE_INVALID_OPTION_SETTING See Invalid setting for option '%1'.
SQLE_INVALID_OPTION_VALUE See '%1' is an invalid value for '%2'.
SQLE_INVALID_ORDER See Invalid ORDER BY specification.
SQLE_INVALID_PARAMETER See Invalid parameter.

See Invalid SQL identifier.

SQLE_INVALID_UNION See Select lists in UNION, INTERSECT, or EXCEPT do not match in length.
SQLE_KEYLESS_ENCRYPTION See Unable to perform requested operation since this database uses keyless encryption.
SQLE_LOCKED See User '%1' has the row in '%2' locked.
SQLE_MEMORY_ERROR See Memory error -- transaction rolled back.
SQLE_NAME_NOT_UNIQUE See Item '%1' already exists.
SQLE_NO_COLUMN_NAME See Derived table '%1' has no name for column %2.
SQLE_NO_CURRENT_ROW See No current row of cursor.
SQLE_NO_INDICATOR See No indicator variable provided for NULL result.
SQLE_NO_MATCHING_SELECT_ITEM See The select list for the derived table '%1' has no expression to match '%2'.
SQLE_NO_PRIMARY_KEY See Table '%1' has no primary key.
SQLE_NOERROR SQLE_NOERROR(0) - This code indicates that there was no error or warning.
SQLE_NON_UPDATEABLE_COLUMN See Cannot update an expression.
SQLE_NON_UPDATEABLE_CURSOR See FOR UPDATE has been incorrectly specified for a READ ONLY cursor.
SQLE_NOT_IMPLEMENTED See Feature '%1' not implemented.
SQLE_NOT_SUPPORTED_IN_ULTRALITE See Feature not available with UltraLite.
SQLE_NOTFOUND See Row not found.
SQLE_ONLY_ONE_TABLE See INSERT/DELETE on cursor can modify only one table.
SQLE_OVERFLOW_ERROR See Value %1 out of range for destination.
SQLE_PAGE_SIZE_INVALID See Invalid database page size.
SQLE_PARTIAL_DOWNLOAD_NOT_FOUND See No partial download was found.
SQLE_PERMISSION_DENIED See Permission denied: %1.
SQLE_PRIMARY_KEY_NOT_UNIQUE See Primary key for table '%1' is not unique : Primary key value ('%2').
SQLE_PRIMARY_KEY_TWICE See Table cannot have two primary keys.
SQLE_PRIMARY_KEY_VALUE_REF See Primary key for row in table '%1' is referenced by foreign key '%2' in table '%3'.
SQLE_PUBLICATION_NOT_FOUND See Publication '%1' not found.
SQLE_PUBLICATION_PREDICATE_IGNORED See Publication predicates were not evaluated.
SQLE_RESOURCE_GOVERNOR_EXCEEDED See Resource governor for '%1' exceeded.
SQLE_ROW_DELETED_TO_MAINTAIN_REFERENTIAL_INTEGRITY See Row was dropped from table %1 to maintain referential integrity.
SQLE_SCHEMA_UPGRADE_NOT_ALLOWED See A schema upgrade is not currently allowed.
SQLE_SERVER_SYNCHRONIZATION_ERROR See Synchronization failed due to an error on the server: %1.
SQLE_START_STOP_DATABASE_DENIED See Request to start/stop database denied.
SQLE_STATEMENT_ERROR See SQL statement error.
SQLE_STRING_RIGHT_TRUNCATION See Right truncation of string data.
SQLE_SUBQUERY_SELECT_LIST See Subquery allowed only one select list item.
SQLE_SYNC_INFO_INVALID See Information for synchronization is incomplete or invalid, check '%1'.
SQLE_SYNC_INFO_REQUIRED See Information for synchronization was not provided.
SQLE_SYNC_NOT_REENTRANT See Synchronization process was unable to re-enter synchronization.
SQLE_SYNC_STATUS_UNKNOWN See The status of the last synchronization upload is unknown.
SQLE_SYNTAX_ERROR See Syntax error near '%1' %2.
SQLE_TABLE_ALREADY_INCLUDED See Table '%1' is already included.
SQLE_TABLE_IN_USE See Table in use.
SQLE_TABLE_NOT_FOUND See Table '%1' not found.
SQLE_TOO_MANY_BLOB_REFS See Too many references to a BLOB.
SQLE_TOO_MANY_CONNECTIONS See Database server connection limit exceeded.
SQLE_TOO_MANY_PUBLICATIONS See Too many publications specified for operation.
SQLE_TOO_MANY_TEMP_TABLES See Too many temporary tables in connection.
SQLE_TOO_MANY_USERS See Too many users in database.
SQLE_ULTRALITE_DATABASE_NOT_FOUND See The database '%1' was not found.
SQLE_ULTRALITE_OBJ_CLOSED See Invalid operation on a closed object.
SQLE_UNABLE_TO_CONNECT See Database cannot be started -- %1.
SQLE_UNABLE_TO_START_DATABASE See Unable to start specified database: %1.
SQLE_UNABLE_TO_START_DATABASE_VER_NEWER See Unable to start specified database: Server must be upgraded to start database %1.
SQLE_UNCOMMITTED_TRANSACTIONS See You cannot synchronize or upgrade with uncommitted transactions.
SQLE_UNKNOWN_FUNC See Unknown function '%1'.
SQLE_UNKNOWN_OPTION See '%1' is an unknown option.
SQLE_UNKNOWN_USERID See User ID '%1' does not exist.
SQLE_UNRECOGNIZED_OPTION See The option '%1' is not recognized.
SQLE_UPLOAD_FAILED_AT_SERVER See Synchronization server failed to commit the upload.
SQLE_VALUE_IS_NULL See Cannot return NULL result as requested data type.
SQLE_VARIABLE_INVALID See Invalid host variable.
SQLE_WRONG_NUM_OF_INSERT_COLS See Wrong number of values for INSERT.
SQLE_WRONG_PARAMETER_COUNT See Wrong number of parameters to function '%1'.