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SQL Anywhere 11.0.1 (Français) » SQL Anywhere Server - Database Administration » Starting and Connecting to Your Database » SQL Anywhere database connections » Using integrated logins


Enable the integrated login feature

The login_mode database option determines whether the integrated login feature is enabled. As database options apply only to the database in which they are found, different databases can have a different integrated login setting even if they are loaded and running on the same server.

The login_mode database option accepts the following values:

  • Standard   Standard logins are permitted. This is the default setting. Standard connection logins must supply both a user ID and password, and do not use the Integrated or Kerberos connection parameters. An error occurs if an Integrated or Kerberos login connection is attempted.

  • Integrated   Integrated logins are permitted.

  • Kerberos   Kerberos logins are permitted. See Kerberos authentication.


Setting the login_mode database option to not allow Standard logins restricts connections to only those users or groups who have been granted an integrated or Kerberos login mapping. Attempting to connect with a user ID and password generates an error unless you are a user with DBA authority.

To allow more than one type of login, specify multiple values for the login_mode option. For example, the following SQL statement sets the value of the login_mode database option to allow both standard and integrated logins:

SET OPTION PUBLIC.login_mode = 'Standard,Integrated';

If a database file can be copied, the temporary public login_mode option should be used (both for integrated and Kerberos logins). This way, integrated and Kerberos logins are not supported by default if the file is copied.