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output_format option [Interactive SQL]


Sets the default output format for data retrieved by a SELECT statement that is redirected to a file or output using the OUTPUT statement.

Allowed values

String (see below for allowed values)




The valid output formats are:

  • TEXT   The output is a TEXT format file with one row per line in the file. All values are separated by commas, and strings are enclosed in apostrophes (single quotes). The delimiter and quote strings can be changed using the DELIMITED BY and QUOTE clauses. If All is specified in the QUOTE clause, then all values (not just strings) are quoted.

    Three other special sequences are also used. The two characters \n represent a newline character; \\ represents a single backslash character, and the sequence \xDD represents the character with hexadecimal code DD.

  • FIXED   The output is fixed format, with each column having a fixed width. The width for each column can be specified using the COLUMN WIDTH clause. If this clause is omitted, the width for each column is computed from the data type for the column, and is large enough to hold any value of that data type. No column headings are output in this format.

  • HTML   The output is in HTML format.

  • SQL   The output is an Interactive SQL INPUT statement required to recreate the information in the table.

  • XML   The output is an XML file encoded in UTF-8 and containing an embedded DTD. Binary values are encoded in CDATA blocks with the binary data rendered as 2-hex-digit strings.

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