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Lesson 4: Set up the Monitor to send emails when alerts occur

When an alert occurs, it is always listed in the Alerts tab in the lower pane of the Monitoring tab. In the following procedure, you set up the Monitor to send you an email whenever an alert occurs.

♦  To set up email notification
  1. Create a user who can receive emails.

    1. Click the Administration tab.

    2. Click the Users tab.

    3. Click New.

    4. In the User Name field, type JoeSmith.

    5. In the Password and the Confirm Password fields, type sql.

    6. In the Email field, enter a valid email address.

    7. Choose English in the Preferred Language field.

    8. Select Operator for the User Type.

      An operator can receive alerts via email and can resolve and delete alerts. This user can access the Monitoring tab, but cannot access the Administration tab.

      For information about the different types of users, see Working with Monitor users.

    9. Click Save.

      The new user is created.

  2. Associate the user with the demo11 resource.

    1. Click the Resources tab.

    2. Select the demo11 resource and click Configure.

    3. In the Configure Resource window, click Operators.

    4. In the Available Operators list, select JoeSmith and click Add.

    5. Click Save.

    6. Click OK.

  3. Configure email alert notification.

    1. Click the Administration tab.

    2. Click the Configuration tab.

    3. Click Edit.

    4. Select Send Alert Notifications By Email.

    5. Configure the other settings as required.

    6. Test that you have properly configured email notification.

      Click Send Test Email.

    7. When prompted, enter an email address to send the test email to and click OK.

      A test email is sent to the email address specified.

    8. Click Save.

When an alert occurs, an email is sent to the specified user with information about the alert. For information about setting up alerts, see Lesson 3: Test an alert.