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sqlanywhere_pconnect (deprecated)

resource sqlanywhere_pconnect(  string con_str  )

This function is deprecated. You should use the following PHP function instead: sasql_pconnect.

Establishes a persistent connection to a SQL Anywhere database. Because of the way Apache creates child processes, you may observe a performance gain when using sqlanywhere_pconnect instead of sqlanywhere_connect. Persistent connections may provide improved performance in a similar fashion to connection pooling. If your database server has a limited number of connections (for example, the personal database server is limited to 10 concurrent connections), caution should be exercised when using persistent connections. Persistent connections could be attached to each of the child processes, and if you have more child processes in Apache than there are available connections, you will receive connection errors.


con_str   A connection string as recognized by SQL Anywhere.


A positive SQL Anywhere persistent link identifier on success, or an error and 0 on failure.


This example shows how to retrieve all the rows in a result set. Each row is returned as an array.

$conn = sqlanywhere_pconnect( "UID=DBA;PWD=sql" );
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