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Comparison operators

The syntax for comparison is as follows:

expression comparison-operator expression

where comparison-operator is one of the following:

Operator Description
= Equal to
> Greater than
< Less than
>= Greater than or equal to
<= Less than or equal to
!= Not equal to
<> Not equal to
!> Not greater than
!< Not less than

Case sensitivity   By default, SQL Anywhere databases are created as case insensitive. Comparisons are carried out with the same attention to case as the database they are operating on. You can control the case sensitivity of SQL Anywhere databases with the -c option when you create the database.

For more information about case sensitivity for string comparisons, see Initialization utility (dbinit).


All string comparisons are case insensitive unless the database was created as case sensitive.

Trailing blanks   The behavior of SQL Anywhere when comparing strings is controlled by the -b option that is set when creating the database.

For more information about blank padding, see Initialization utility (dbinit).