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PARAMETERS statement [Interactive SQL]

Use this statement to specify parameters to an Interactive SQL command file.

PARAMETERS parameter1, parameter2, ...

The PARAMETERS statement names the parameters for a command file, so that they can be referenced later in the command file.

Parameters are referenced by putting {parameter1} into the file where you want the named parameter to be substituted. There must be no spaces between the braces and the parameter name.

If a command file is invoked with less than the required number of parameters, Interactive SQL prompts for values of the missing parameters.



Side effects


See also
Standards and compatibility
  • SQL/2003   Vendor extension.


The following Interactive SQL command file takes two parameters.

PARAMETERS department_id, file;
SELECT Surname
FROM Employees
WHERE DepartmentID = {department_id}
>#{ file }.dat;

If you save this script in a file named test.sql, you can run it from Interactive SQL using the following command:

READ test.sql [100] [data]