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SQL functions (A-D)

Each function is listed, and the function type (numeric, character, and so on) is indicated next to it.

For links to all functions of a given type, see Function types.

See also

ABS function [Numeric]
ACOS function [Numeric]
ARGN function [Miscellaneous]
ASCII function [String]
ASIN function [Numeric]
ATAN function [Numeric]
ATAN2 function [Numeric]
AVG function [Aggregate]
BASE64_DECODE function [String]
BASE64_ENCODE function [String]
BIT_AND function [Aggregate]
BIT_LENGTH function [Bit array]
BIT_OR function [Aggregate]
BIT_SUBSTR function [Bit array]
BIT_XOR function [Aggregate]
BYTE_LENGTH function [String]
BYTE_SUBSTR function [String]
CAST function [Data type conversion]
CEILING function [Numeric]
CHAR function [String]
CHARINDEX function [String]
CHAR_LENGTH function [String]
COALESCE function [Miscellaneous]
COMPARE function [String]
COMPRESS function [String]
CONFLICT function [Miscellaneous]
CONVERT function [Data type conversion]
CORR function [Aggregate]
COS function [Numeric]
COT function [Numeric]
COUNT function [Aggregate]
COUNT_SET_BITS function [Bit array]
COVAR_POP function [Aggregate]
COVAR_SAMP function [Aggregate]
CSCONVERT function [String]
CUME_DIST function [Ranking]
DATALENGTH function [System]
DATE function [Date and time]
DATEADD function [Date and time]
DATEDIFF function [Date and time]
DATEFORMAT function [Date and time]
DATENAME function [Date and time]
DATEPART function [Date and time]
DATETIME function [Date and time]
DAY function [Date and time]
DAYNAME function [Date and time]
DAYS function [Date and time]
DB_EXTENDED_PROPERTY function [System]
DB_ID function [System]
DB_NAME function [System]
DB_PROPERTY function [System]
DECOMPRESS function [String]
DECRYPT function [String]
DEGREES function [Numeric]
DENSE_RANK function [Ranking]
DIFFERENCE function [String]
DOW function [Date and time]