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Each row in the SYSREMOTEOPTION system view describes the value of a SQL Remote message link parameter. The underlying system table for this view is ISYSREMOTEOPTION.

Some columns in this view contain potentially sensitive data. For that reason, access to this view is restricted to users with DBA authority. The SYSREMOTEOPTION2 view provides public access to the data in this view except for the potentially sensitive columns.

Column Data type Description
option_id UNSIGNED INT An identification number for the message link parameter.
user_id UNSIGNED INT The user ID for which the parameter is set.
"setting" VARCHAR(255) The value of the message link parameter.
Constraints on underlying system table

PRIMARY KEY (option_id, user_id)

FOREIGN KEY (option_id) references SYS.ISYSREMOTEOPTIONTYPE (option_id)

FOREIGN KEY (user_id) references SYS.ISYSUSER (user_id)