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SYSCOLUMNS consolidated view

Each row in the SYSCOLUMNS view describes one column of each table and view in the catalog.

The tables and columns that make up this view are provided in the SQL statement below. To learn more about a particular table or column, use the links provided beneath the view definition.

ALTER VIEW "SYS"."SYSCOLUMNS"( creator,cname,tname,coltype,nulls,length,
  column_kind,remarks ) 
  as select u.user_name,col.column_name,tab.table_name,dom.domain_name,
    col.nulls,col.width,col.scale,if ixcol.sequence is null then 'N' else 'Y' endif,col.column_id,
    from SYS.ISYSTABCOL as col
      left outer join SYS.ISYSIDXCOL as ixcol on(col.table_id = ixcol.table_id and col.column_id = ixcol.column_id and ixcol.index_id = 0)
      join SYS.ISYSTAB as tab on(tab.table_id = col.table_id)
      join SYS.ISYSDOMAIN as dom on(dom.domain_id = col.domain_id)
      join SYS.ISYSUSER as u on u.user_id = tab.creator
      left outer join SYS.ISYSREMARK as rmk on(col.object_id = rmk.object_id)
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