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WHILE statement [T-SQL]

Use this statement to provide repeated execution of a statement or compound statement.

WHILE search-condition-statement

The WHILE conditional affects the execution of only a single SQL statement, unless statements are grouped into a compound statement between the keywords BEGIN and END.

The BREAK statement and CONTINUE statement can be used to control execution of the statements in the compound statement. The BREAK statement terminates the loop, and execution resumes after the END keyword marking the end of the loop. The CONTINUE statement causes the WHILE loop to restart, skipping any statements after the CONTINUE.



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Standards and compatibility
  • SQL/2003   Transact-SQL extension.


The following code illustrates the use of WHILE:

WHILE ( SELECT AVG(UnitPrice) FROM Products ) < $30
   UPDATE Products
   SET UnitPrice = UnitPrice + 2
   IF ( SELECT MAX(UnitPrice) FROM Products ) > $50

The BREAK statement breaks the WHILE loop if the most expensive product has a price above $50. Otherwise, the loop continues until the average price is greater than or equal to $30.