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DownloadRow event

The DownloadRow event is triggered when a row is downloaded from the MobiLink server.

Public Event DownloadRow(
  ByVal rowData As DbmlsyncCOM.IRowTransferData
Member of DbmlsyncCOM.Dbmlsync

rowData   An IRowTransferData object containing details about the downloaded row.

For more information about the IRowTransferData interface, see IRowTransferData interface.


Use this event to examine rows being downloaded from the MobiLink server.

To enable the DownloadRow event, use the DownloadEventsEnabled property.

See DownloadEventsEnabled property.

When a delete operation is encountered in the download row event, only primary key column values are available.


The following Visual Basic .NET example iterates through all the columns for a row in the DownloadRow event. It determines if a column value is null, and outputs column names and values.

Private Sub dbmlsync1_DownloadRow(
 ByVal rowData As DbmlsyncCOM.IRowTransferData
Handles dbmlsync1.DownloadRow

Dim liX As Integer
For liX = 0 To rowData.ColumnCount - 1
    If VarType(rowData.ColumnValue(liX)) <> VariantType.Null Then
        ' output the non-null column value
        MsgBox("Column " + CStr(liX) + ": " + rowData.ColumnName(liX) + _
        ", " + CStr(rowData.ColumnValue(liX)))
        ' output 'NULL' for the column value
        MsgBox("Column " + CStr(liX) + ": " + rowData.ColumnName(liX) + _
        ", " + "NULL")
    End If
Next liX

End Sub