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HoverRescanThreshold (hrt) extended option

When you are using scheduling, this limits the amount of discarded memory that is allowed to accumulate before a rescan is performed.

hrt=number[ K | M ]; ...

Specifies memory in units of bytes. Use the suffix k or m to specify units of kilobytes or megabytes, respectively. The default is 1m.

When more than one -n option is specified in the command line, dbmlsync may experience fragmentation which results in discarded memory. The discarded memory can only be recovered by rescanning the database transaction log. This option lets you specify a limit on the amount of discarded memory that is allowed to accumulate before the log is rescanned and the memory recovered. Another way to control the recovery of discarded memory is to implement the sp_hook_dbmlsync_log_rescan stored procedure.

This option has a short form and long form: you can use hrt or HoverRescanThreshold.

You can also store extended options in the database. For more information about dbmlsync extended options, see Introduction to dbmlsync extended options.

See also

The following dbmlsync command line illustrates how you can set this option when you start dbmlsync:

dbmlsync -e "hrt=2m"

The following SQL statement illustrates how you can store this option in the database:

   TO sales_publication
   FOR ml_user1
   OPTION hrt='2m';