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GetDeletes method


IDataReader GetDeletes();


Gets a DataReader with the deletes for this uploaded table data. Each delete is represented by the primary key values needed to uniquely represent a row in this instances table.

Note: The index and order of the columns match the array for property DataTable.PrimaryKey for the schema of this table.


A DataReader with primary key columns for deleted rows.


Assume your remote client contains a table called sparse_pk. The following example uses the DownloadTableData.GetDeletes method to obtain a data reader of deleted rows. In this case, the delete datareader includes two primary key columns. Note the index of each primary key column.

CREATE TABLE sparse_pk (
    pcol1  INT NOT NULL,
    col2 VARCHAR(200),
    pcol3 INT NOT NULL,
    PRIMARY KEY (pcol1, pcol3)

using iAnywhere.MobiLink.Script;
using System;
using System.IO;
using System.Data;
using System.Text;
// The method used for the handle_UploadData event.
public void HandleUpload(UploadData ut) {

    // Get an UploadedTableData for the sparse_pk table.
    UploadedTableData sparse_pk_table = ut.GetUploadedTableByName("sparse_pk");

    // Get deletes uploaded by the MobiLink client.
    IDataReader data_reader = sparse_pk_table.GetDeletes();

    while (data_reader.Read()) {
        StringBuilder row_str = new StringBuilder("( ");
        row_str.Append(data_reader.GetString(0)); // pcol1
        row_str.Append(", ");
        row_str.Append(data_reader.GetString(1)); // pcol3
        row_str.Append(" )");