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Apache Redirector (deprecated)


The Redirector has been deprecated. In its place, use the Relay Server. See The Relay Server.

The following setup instructions are written for the Apache web server.

For information about version support, see [external link]

If you are using Tomcat, you can also use the servlet Redirector. For more information, see Servlet Redirector (deprecated).

♦  To configure the Apache Redirector
  1. Complete the steps in Configuring Redirector properties (for Redirectors that don't support server groups).

  2. Copy the file mod_iaredirect.dll or to the appropriate directory in your web server, as follows:

    • For Apache on Windows, the file mod_iaredirect.dll is located in install-dir\MobiLink\redirector\apache\v20\. Copy this file to the %apache-home%\modules directory on the computer that holds the web server.

    • For Apache for Solaris or Linux, the file is located in install-dir\MobiLink\redirector\apache\v20\. Copy it to the $APACHE_HOME/modules directory on the computer that holds the web server.

  3. If your web server is on a separate computer from the Redirector, you must copy the following files to that computer and ensure that they are in your path (Windows) or shared path (Unix). What files you need depends on what, if any, encryption you are using.

    The following file locations are relative to install-dir:

    Setup Files required
    ECC encryption
    • Windows: bin32\mlcecc11.dll
    • Unix: lib32/
    RSA encryption
    • Windows: bin32\mlcrsa11.dll
    • Unix: lib32/
    RSA encryption with FIPS
    • Windows: bin32\mlcrsafips11.dll and bin32\sbgse2.dll
    • Unix: lib32/ and
  4. Update the Apache web server configuration file httpd.conf as follows.

    • In the LoadModule section, add the following line for Windows:

      LoadModule iaredirect_module modules/mod_iaredirect.dll

      or the following line for Solaris and Linux:

      LoadModule iaredirect_module modules/
    • Add the following section to the file:

      <Location /iaredirect/ml>
         SetHandler iaredirect-handler
         iaredirectorConfigFile location/redirector.config

      where /iaredirect/ml is the relative URL path that you use to invoke the Redirector, and location is the directory where redirector.config is located.

    • If you are using Apache on Solaris or Linux, you may also want to add the following optional directives to the <Location> section you just created:

      • MaxSyncUsers number   The maximum number of MobiLink users synchronizing through the Redirector. This number is used to allocate necessary resources to the Redirector. This number cannot be less than 60. The default is 1000. Only change this setting if the default number of users is less than the actual number.

      • ShmemDiagnosis on|off   If set to on, debugging of the memory resource is allowed. The default is off.

  5. To help with debugging, you may want to increase the amount of logging information that the Redirector outputs. To do this, modify the LogLevel directive in httpd.conf and set it to LogLevel info. The log level can be (from most to least verbose): debug, info, notice, warn, error, crit, alert, and emerg.


The following are examples of the sections of httpd.conf that configure the Apache web server to route requests to the MobiLink server. This example works for Windows. For Unix and Linux, change mod_iaredirect.dll to

LoadModule iaredirect_module modules/mod_iaredirect.dll

<Location /iaredirect/ml>
    SetHandler iaredirect-handler
    iaredirectorConfigFile c:/redirector.config
♦  To test your configuration
  1. Call the Redirector using the following syntax:


    where iaredirect/ml is the relative URL path you specified in the <Location> tag of httpd.conf.

  2. Check the log file to see if the Redirector logged a request. The default location of the log file is $APACHE_HOME/logs/error.log.

    Note: This test does not make a connection to the MobiLink server.