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SQL Anywhere 11.0.1 (Français) » MobiLink - Server Administration » Using MobiLink Server Technology » MobiLink Monitor


Starting the MobiLink Monitor

You can have multiple instances of the MobiLink Monitor running for each MobiLink server.

♦  To start monitoring data
  1. Start your consolidated database and MobiLink server, if they are not already running.

  2. From the Start menu, choose Programs » SQL Anywhere 11 » MobiLink Monitor.

    Alternatively, you can type mlmon at a command prompt. For details, see below.

  3. A MobiLink Monitor connection starts like a synchronization connection to the MobiLink server. For example, if you started the MobiLink server with -zu+ then it doesn't matter what user ID you use here. For all MobiLink Monitor sessions, the script version is set to for_ML_Monitor_only.

    The Connect To MobiLink Server window should be completed as follows:

    • Host   The network name or IP address of the computer where the MobiLink server is running. By default, it is the computer where the MobiLink Monitor is running. You can use localhost if the MobiLink server is running on the same computer as the MobiLink Monitor.

    • Protocol   This should be set to the same network protocol and port that the MobiLink server is using for synchronization requests.

    • Port   This should be set to the same network port that the MobiLink server is using for synchronization requests.

    • Encryption   If you chose HTTPS or TLS for the protocol, this box is enabled. You can choose an encryption type from the dropdown list.

    • Additional Protocol Options   Specify optional parameters. You can set the following parameters, separated by semicolon if you need to specify multiple parameters:

      • buffer_size=number

      • client_port=nnnn

      • client_port=nnnn-mmmmm

      • persistent={0|1} (HTTP and HTTPS only)

      • proxy_host=proxy_hostname (HTTP and HTTPS only)

      • proxy_port=proxy_portnumber (HTTP and HTTPS only)

      • url_suffix=suffix (HTTP and HTTPS only)

      • version=HTTP-version-number (HTTP and HTTPS only)

    See MobiLink client network protocol options.

  4. Start synchronizing.

    The data appears in the MobiLink Monitor as it is collected.

Starting mlmon on the command line

Command line options allow you to have the MobiLink Monitor open a file or connect to a MobiLink server on startup. Use the following syntax:

mlmon [ connect-options | inputfile.{ mlm | csv } ]


connect-options   can be one or more of the following:

  • -u ml_username (required to connect to the MobiLink server)

  • -p password

  • -x { tcpip | tls | http | https } [ ( keyword=value;... ) ]

    The keyword=value pairs can be the host, protocol, and Additional Network Parameters as described above. The -x option is required to connect to the MobiLink server.

  • -o outputfile.{ mlm | csv }

    The -o option closes the MobiLink Monitor at the end of the connection and saves the session in the specified file.

You can type mlmon -? to view the mlmon syntax.

Starting the MobiLink Monitor on Unix

The following steps can be used if you are using a version of Linux that supports the Linux Desktop icons and if you chose to install them when you installed SQL Anywhere 11.

♦  To start the MobiLink Monitor (Linux Desktop icons)
  1. From the Applications menu, choose SQL Anywhere 11 » MobiLink Monitor

  2. Enter the information to connect to the MobiLink server described in the procedure To start monitoring data.


The following steps assume that you have already sourced the SQL Anywhere utilities. See Setting environment variables on Unix and Mac OS X.

♦  To start the MobiLink Monitor (Unix command line)
  1. In a terminal session, enter the following command:

  2. Enter the information to connect to the MobiLink server as described above.

Stopping the MobiLink Monitor
♦  To stop the MobiLink Monitor
  1. In the MobiLink Monitor, choose Monitor » Disconnect From MobiLink Server. This stops the collection of data.

    You can also stop collecting data by shutting down the MobiLink server or closing the MobiLink Monitor.

    Before closing the MobiLink Monitor, you can save the data for the session. See Saving MobiLink Monitor data.

  2. When you are ready to close the MobiLink Monitor, choose File » Close.