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SQL Anywhere 11.0.1 (Français) » MobiLink - Server-Initiated Synchronization » MobiLink server settings for server-initiated synchronization


Notifier properties

Notifier properties allow you to change the behavior of a Notifier. All Notifier properties are optional. For more information on setting these properties, see MobiLink server settings for server-initiated synchronization.

Property Value Description
connect_string connection_string

Overrides the default connection behavior used to connect to a database. The default value is, which uses the connection string specified in the mlsrv11 command line.

It may be useful to connect to another database when you want notification logic and data to be separate from your synchronization data. Most deployments do not set this property.

enable { yes | no }

Specifies whether the Notifier should be enabled. All enabled Notifiers start when you run the -notifier mlsrv11 option.

gui { yes | no }

Specifies whether the Notifier window should be displayed while the Notifier is running. The default value is yes.

This Notifier window allows users to temporarily change the polling interval, or to poll immediately. It can also be used to shut down the Notifier without shutting down the MobiLink server. Once stopped, the Notifier can only be restarted by shutting down and restarting the MobiLink server.

isolation { 0 | 1 | 2 | 3 }

Specifies the isolation level of the Notifier's database connection. The following values can be used:

  • 0: Read uncommitted.
  • 1: Read committed.
  • 2: Repeatable read.
  • 3: Serializable.

The default value is 1. Higher levels increase contention, but could adversely affect performance. Isolation level 0 allows reads of uncommitted data, which could get rolled back.

poll_every number{ s | m | h }

Specifies the amount of time to wait before confirmations timeout. The following is a list of acceptable time units:

  • s: Denotes seconds.
  • m: Denotes minutes.
  • h: Denotes hours.

The default value is 1m. Time units can be combined in the HHh MMm SSs format. If a time unit is not specified, time is measured in seconds.

shared_database_connection { yes | no }

Specifies whether Notifiers should share database connections. The default value is no. Notifiers can only share connections when their isolation levels are the same.

Specify yes to conserve resources without incurring performance penalties. Connection sharing is not possible in some situations, such as when applications use non-unique SQL variable names among Notifiers.