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Listener action commands for Windows

An action is specified when you configure a new message handler. When a filter condition is met, an action is initiated. If the action fails, an alternative action is initiated. Actions are defined using the action keyword; alternative actions are defined using the altaction keyword. For more information about Listener usage, see Listener keywords for Windows.

Following is a list of action commands:

Command Description

START program arglist

Initiates a program while the Listener runs in the background. See START action command.

RUN program arglist

Pauses the Listener to run a program. See RUN action command.

POST windowmessage | id to windowclass | windowtitle

Posts a window message to a window class. See POST action command.

SOCKET port=windowname[;host=hostname][;sendText=text][;recvText=text[;timeout=seconds]]

Sends a message to an application using a TCP/IP connection. See SOCKET action command.


Forces the Listener to shutdown. See DBLSN FULL SHUTDOWN action command.

You can only specify one action per action or altaction keyword. If you want an action to perform multiple tasks, create a batch file that contains multiple commands and run the file using the RUN action command.

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