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Open method

Open the QAManager with the given AcknowledgementMode value.

Visual Basic
Public Sub Open( _
   ByVal mode As AcknowledgementMode _
public void Open(
   AcknowledgementMode mode
  • mode   The acknowledgement mode, one of AcknowledgementMode.EXPLICIT_ACKNOWLEDGEMENT or AcknowledgementMode.IMPLICIT_ACKNOWLEDGEMENT.


The Open method must be the first method called after creating a QAManager.

If a database connection error is detected, you can re-open a QAManager by calling the Close method followed by the open method. When re-opening a QAManager, you do not need to re-create it, reset the properties, or reset the message listeners. The properties of the QAManager cannot be changed after the first Open, and subsequent Open calls must supply the same acknowledgement mode.

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