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SetExceptionListener method

Sets an ExceptionListener delegate to receive QAExceptions when processing QAnywhere messages asynchronously. See ExceptionListener delegate.

Visual Basic
Public Sub SetExceptionListener( _
   ByVal address As String, _
   ByVal listener As ExceptionListener _
public void SetExceptionListener(
   string  address,
   ExceptionListener listener
  • address   The address of messages.

  • listener   The exception listener to register.


ExceptionListener delegate accepts QAException and QAMessage parameters. You may set an ExceptionListener and a MessageListener for a given address, but you must be consistent with the Listener/Listener2 delegates. That is, you cannot set an ExceptionListener and a MessageListener2, nor an ExceptionListener2 and a MessageListener, for the same address.

For more information, see Receiving messages asynchronously.