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Managing message properties

The following QAMessage methods can be used to manage message properties.


You can get and set custom properties, but should only get pre-defined properties.

.NET methods to manage message properties

See QAMessage interface.

C++ methods to manage message properties

See QAMessage class.

Java methods to manage message properties

See QAMessage interface.

SQL stored procedures to manage message properties

See Message properties.

// C++ example.
QAManagerFactory factory;
QAManager * mgr = factory->createQAManager( NULL );
QAMessage * msg = mgr->createTextMessage();
msg->setStringProperty( "tm_Subject", "Some message subject." );
mgr->putMessage( "myqueue", mgr );
// C# example.
QAManager mgr = QAManagerFactory.Instance.CreateQAManager(null);
QAMessage msg = mgr.CreateTextMessage();
msg.SetStringProperty( "tm_Subject", "Some message subject." );
mgr.PutMessage( "myqueue", msg );
// Java example
QAManager mgr = QAManagerFactory.getInstance().createQAManager(null);;
QAMessage msg = mgr.createTextMessage();
msg.setStringProperty("tm_Subject", "Some message subject.");
mgr.putMessage("myqueue", mgr);
-- SQL example
    DECLARE @msgid VARCHAR(128);
    SET @msgid = ml_qa_createmessage();
    CALL ml_qa_setfloatproperty( @msgid, 'myfloatproperty1', -1.3e-5 );
    CALL ml_qa_setfloatproperty( @msgid, 'myfloatproperty2', 1.3e5 );
    CALL ml_qa_putmessage( @msgid, 'clientid\queuename' );