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Returns the message ID of a new message.

Return value

The message ID of the new message.


Use this stored procedure to create a message. Once created, you can associate content, properties, and headers with this message and then send the message.

You can associate content, properties, and headers using any of the QAnywhere stored procedures starting with ml_qa_set. For example, use ml_qa_setbinarycontent or ml_qa_settextcontent to create a binary or text message.

See also

The following example creates a message, sets the message content, and sends the message to the address clientid\queuename:

    declare @msgid varchar(128);
    set @msgid = ml_qa_createmessage();
    call ml_qa_settextcontent( @msgid, 'some content' );
    call ml_qa_putmessage( @msgid, 'clientid\queuename' );