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SQL Anywhere 11.0.1 (Français) » SQL Anywhere 11 - Changes and Upgrading » What's new in version 10.0.1 » MobiLink


New features

MobiLink server
  • New ODBC driver for Oracle   There is now an ODBC driver for Oracle called iAnywhere Solutions 10 - Oracle that is custom-tailored for MobiLink applications.

    See New ODBC driver for Oracle.

  • Restructured encryption layer   The MobiLink encryption layer has been restructured and improved. This change is transparent and does not require any changes to applications.

  • MobiLink Server Log File Viewer   A new window has been added that allows you to view MobiLink log files. The Log File Viewer provides enhanced functionality such as filtering logged information and viewing summaries and statistics.

    See MobiLink Server Log File Viewer.

  • Improved memory use   On Windows, the MobiLink server (a 32-bit process) will now use more memory if required. Previously, it was limited to less than 2 GB, but it can now use significantly more memory if more is required and available. Use the mlsrv10 -cm option to set the maximum size for the server memory cache. More memory can lead to less paging to disk, which can improve performance.

MobiLink plug-in to Sybase Central
  • New functionality in Model mode  

    • Table Mapping   It is easier to create and change table and column mappings. You can enable a table mapping by selecting from a dropdown list in the Mapping Direction column for a table. Similarly, you now specify whether a column is mapped in the Column Mappings tab. The New Table Mappings wizard has been removed.

      See Modifying table and column mappings.

    • Create new remote tables   It is easier to create new remote tables based on the consolidated database schema. You can create a new remote table with the same name and columns as a table in the consolidated database using the Create New Remote Tables window. This window also maps the remote database tables to the consolidated tables in the model.

      See Modifying the remote database that your model creates.

    • Delete remote database tables and columns   You can now delete remote database tables and columns in the Mappings tab. You can remove a remote table or column from the remote database schema in the model by selecting the table or column and choosing Edit » Delete.

      See Modifying the remote database that your model creates.

MobiLink clients
  • More convenient way to specify network name on Windows CE   You can now specify the keywords default_internet or default_work as the name in the network_name protocol option so that your default setting is the name that is used.

    See network_name.

  • Enhanced functionality for delete_old_logs   The database option delete_old_logs now allows you to specify a number of days. Logs are then deleted that were created after that time period.

    See delete_old_logs option [MobiLink client] [SQL Remote] [Replication Agent].

  • New hook   The new hook sp_hook_dbmlsync_set_ml_connect_info allows you to set the network protocol and network protocol options immediately before dbmlsync attempts to connect to the MobiLink server.

    See sp_hook_dbmlsync_set_ml_connect_info.


There are two new utilities called createcert and viewcert for managing transport-layer security. See: