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Product-wide behavior changes

Following is a list of product-wide changes in version 11.0.0.

  • Windows CE has changed to Windows Mobile   The name Windows CE has been changed to be Windows Mobile in the documentation and the software, except where it is more accurate to continue referring to Windows CE.

  • Readcert, gencert, and reqtool removed   The utilities readcert, gencert, and reqtool have been removed. They were previously deprecated. In their place, you can use createcert and viewcert. See Certificate utilities.

  • Createcert and viewcert utilities supported on Mac OS X   The createcert and viewcert certificate utilities are now supported on Mac OS X. See Certificate utilities.

  • certificate and certificate_password protocol options renamed   The TLS and HTTPS certificate and certificate_password protocol options have been renamed to identity and identity_password, respectively. See:

  • Sample identity file changes   The identity files containing the sample certificates and corresponding private key for TLS have been renamed in this release. The file rsaserver.crt has been renamed, and the file sample.crt has been renamed The password for both of these identity files has been changed from tJ1#m6+W to test.

  • Changes to installation directories   32-bit software is now installed to the bin32 directory instead of the win32 directory, and 64-bit software is installed to the bin64 directory, instead of the X64 directory. For example, in previous versions, software that was installed to C:\Program Files\SQL Anywhere 11\win32 is now installed to C:\Program Files\SQL Anywhere 11\bin32.

  • Changes to ODBC data sources for the sample databases   In previous releases, the ODBC data sources for the sample databases that are installed with the software were user data sources. The SQL Anywhere 11 Demo, SQL Anywhere 11 CustDB, and QAnywhere 11 Demo data sources are now system data sources.

  • .NET 1.0 unsupported   SQL Anywhere 11 does not support Visual Studio 2003. However, Visual Studio 2005 (.NET 2.0) and Visual Studio 2008 (.NET 3.x) are supported.