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SetActiveSyncListener method

Specifies the listener object used to process ActiveSync calls from the MobiLink provider for ActiveSync.

Visual Basic
Public Sub SetActiveSyncListener( _
   ByVal appClassName As String, _
   ByVal listener As ULActiveSyncListener _
public void SetActiveSyncListener(
   string  appClassName,
   ULActiveSyncListener listener
  • appClassName   The unique class name for the application. This is the class name used when the application is registered for use with ActiveSync.

  • listener   The ULActiveSyncListener object. Use null (Nothing in Visual Basic) to remove the previous listener.


The parameter appClassName is the unique identifier used to identify the application. The application can only use one appClassName at a time. While a listener is registered with a particular appClassName, calls to SetServerSyncListener or SetActiveSyncListener with a different appClassName fail.

To remove the ActiveSync listener, call SetActiveSyncListener with a null reference (Nothing in Visual Basic) as the listener parameter.

To remove all listeners, call SetServerSyncListener with a null reference (Nothing in Visual Basic) for all parameters.

Applications should remove all listeners prior to exiting.


For an example of SetActiveSyncListener, see ActiveSyncInvoked method.

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