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SetDatabaseOption method

Sets the value for the specified database option.

Visual Basic
Public Sub SetDatabaseOption( _
   ByVal name As String, _
   ByVal value As String _
public void SetDatabaseOption(
   string  name,
   string  value
  • name   The name of the database option. Option names are case insensitive.

  • value   The new value for the option.


Setting a database option results in a commit being performed.

Recognized options are:



global_database_id The value used for global autoincrement columns. The value must be in the range [0,System.UInt32.MaxValue]. The default is ULConnection.INVALID_DATABASE_ID (used to indicate that the database ID has not been set for the current database).

The value used to control the degree to which the operations in one transaction are visible to the operations in other concurrent transactions. The value must be one of "read_uncommitted" or "read_committed". The default is "read_committed".

Setting the isolation_level on a connection to "read_uncommited" is equivalent to wrapping all operations on that connection with BeginTransaction(System.Data.IsolationLevel.ReadUncommitted) and Commit() calls. Similarly, "read_committed" is equivalent to System.Data.IsolationLevel.ReadCommitted. SetDatabaseOption() should not be used to set the current transaction's isolation level; use BeginTransaction(IsolationLevel) instead.

UltraLite's definition of each isolation level is slightly different than ADO.NET's documentation of IsolationLevel. For more information, see UltraLite isolation levels.

This value is set on a per connection basis.

ml_remote_id The value used for identifying the database during synchronization. Use a null reference (Nothing in Visual Basic) as the value to remove the ml_remote_id option from the database.
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