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Add(String, Object) method

Adds a new ULParameter, created using the specified parameter name and value, to the collection.

Visual Basic
Public Function Add( _
   ByVal parameterName As String, _
   ByVal value As Object _
) As ULParameter
public ULParameter Add(
   string  parameterName,
   object value
  • parameterName   The name of the parameter. For unnamed parameters, use an empty string ("") or a null reference (Nothing in Visual Basic) for this value. In UltraLite.NET, parameter names are not used by ULCommand.

  • value   A System.Object that is to be the value of the parameter.

Return value

The new ULParameter object.


All parameters in the collection are treated as positional parameters and must be added to the collection in the same order as the corresponding question mark placeholders in the ULCommand.CommandText. For example, the first parameter in the collection corresponds to the first question mark in the SQL statement, the second parameter in the collection corresponds to the second question mark in the SQL statement, and so on. There must be at least as many question marks in the ULCommand.CommandText as there are parameters in the collection. Nulls are substituted for missing parameters.

Because of the special treatment of the 0 and 0.0 constants and the way overloaded methods are resolved, it is highly recommended that you explicitly cast constant values to type object when using this method.


The following code adds a ULParameter with the value 0 to a ULCommand called cmd.

' Visual Basic
cmd.Parameters.Add( "", CType( 0, Object ) )

// C#
cmd.Parameters.Add( "", (object)0 );
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