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FindNext(Int16) method

Continues a ULTable.FindFirst() search by moving forward through the table from the current position, looking to see if the next row exactly matches a value or partial set of values in the current index.

Visual Basic
Public Function FindNext( _
   ByVal numColumns As Short _
) As Boolean
public bool FindNext(
   short numColumns
  • numColumns   For composite indexes, the number of columns to use in the find. For example, if you have a three column index, and you want to find a value that matches based on the first column only, you should set the value for the first column, and then supply a value of 1.

Return value

True if successful, false otherwise.


The cursor is left on the next row if it exactly matches the index value. On failure, the cursor position is after the last row (ULDataReader.IsEOF).

FindNext behavior is undefined if the column values being searched for are modified during a row update.

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