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SQL Anywhere 11.0.1 (Français) » UltraLiteJ » UltraLiteJ Reference » UltraLiteJ system tables


syscolumn system table

Each row in the syscolumn system table describes a column.

Column name Column type Description
table_id INTEGER The identifier of the table to which the column belongs.
column_id INTEGER A unique identifier for the column.
column_name VARCHAR(128) The name of the column. See Domain interface.
column_flags TINY A bitwise combination of the following flags describing the attributes:
  • 0x01   Column is in the primary key.

  • 0x02   Column is nullable.

column_domain INTEGER The column domain, which is an enumerated value indicating the domain of the column.
column_length INTEGER The column length.

For VARCHAR and BINARY type columns, which are defined in the Domain interface, this is the maximum length in bytes. For NUMERIC type columns, the precision is stored in the first byte, and the scale is stored in the second byte.

column_default TINY The default value for this column, which is specified by one of the COLUMN_DEFAULT values in the ColumnSchema interface. For example, COLUMN_DEFAULT_AUTOINC denotes an auto-incrementing default value.

PRIMARY KEY (table_id, column_id)