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UltraLiteJ Database Unload utility (ULjUnload)

The ULjUnload utility provides the capability to unload an UltraLiteJ database — either the data, the schema, or both — to an XML file.

ULjUnload -c filename -p password  [ options ] outputfile
Options Description
-b max-blob-size Maximum size (in bytes) of blob/char data output to XML.
-c filename Required. Name of database file to unload.
-d Unload only data; do not output schema information.
-e table, ... Exclude data for tables named in list.
-f directory Directory to store data for columns larger than max blob size specified with -b option.
-n Unload schema information only; do not output data.
-p password Required. Password to connect to database.
-q Run in quiet mode—do not display messages.
-t table, ... Only output data for tables named in list.
-v Display verbose messages.
-y Overwrite output file if it already exists.
-? Display option usage/help information.
outputfile Output file name (this file contains xml statements that describe the database contents).
Example XML file contents
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="no"?>
<ul:ulschema xmlns:ul="urn:ultralite">
 <collation name="1252LATIN1" case_sensitive="no"/>
  <option name="dateformat" value="YYYY-MM-DD"/>
  <option name="dateorder" value="YMD"/>
  <option name="nearestcentury" value="50"/>
  <option name="precision" value="30"/>
  <option name="scale" value="6"/>
  <option name="timeformat" value="HH:NN:SS.SSS"/>
  <option name="timestampformat" value="YYYY-MM-DD HH:NN:SS.SSS"/>
  <option name="timestampincrement" value="1"/>
  <table name="ULCustomer" sync="changes">
    <column name="cust_id" type="integer" null="no"/>
    <column name="cust_name" type="char(30)" null="yes"/>
    <primarycolumn name="cust_id" direction="asc"/>
  <table name="ULCustomer">
   <row cust_id="2000" cust_name="Apple St. Builders"/>
   <row cust_id="2001" cust_name="Art's Renovations"/>
   <row cust_id="2002" cust_name="Awnings R Us"/>
   <row cust_id="2003" cust_name="Al's Interior Design"/>
   <row cust_id="2004" cust_name="Alpha Hardware"/>
   <row cust_id="2005" cust_name="Ace Properties"/>
   <row cust_id="2006" cust_name="A1 Contracting"/>
   <row cust_id="2007" cust_name="Archibald Inc."/>
   <row cust_id="2008" cust_name="Acme Construction"/>
   <row cust_id="2009" cust_name="ABCXYZ Inc."/>
   <row cust_id="2010" cust_name="Buy It Co."/>
   <row cust_id="2011" cust_name="Bill's Cages"/>
   <row cust_id="2012" cust_name="Build-It Co."/>
   <row cust_id="2013" cust_name="Bass Interiors"/>
   <row cust_id="2014" cust_name="Burger Franchise"/>
   <row cust_id="2015" cust_name="Big City Builders"/>
   <row cust_id="2016" cust_name="Bob's Renovations"/>
   <row cust_id="2017" cust_name="Basements R Us"/>
   <row cust_id="2018" cust_name="BB Interior Design"/>
   <row cust_id="2019" cust_name="Bond Hardware"/>
   <row cust_id="2020" cust_name="Cat Properties"/>
   <row cust_id="2021" cust_name="C &amp; C Contracting"/>
   <row cust_id="2022" cust_name="Classy Inc."/>
   <row cust_id="2023" cust_name="Cooper Construction"/>
   <row cust_id="2024" cust_name="City Schools"/>
   <row cust_id="2025" cust_name="Can Do It Co."/>
   <row cust_id="2026" cust_name="City Corrections"/>
   <row cust_id="2027" cust_name="City Sports Arenas"/>
   <row cust_id="2028" cust_name="Cantaloupe Interiors"/>
   <row cust_id="2029" cust_name="Chicken Franchise"/>