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SQL Anywhere 11.0.1 (Français) » UltraLite - M-Business Anywhere Programming » UltraLite for M-Business Anywhere API reference » ConnectionParms class



The properties of the class are listed here.

Prototype Description
String additionalParms (read-write) Additional parameters specified as name=value pairs separated with semicolons.
String cacheSize (read-write)

The size of the cache. CacheSize values are specified in bytes. Use the suffix k or K for kilobytes and use the suffix m or M for megabytes.

See UltraLite CACHE_SIZE connection parameter.

String connectionName (read-write)

A name for the connection. The connection name is used to share a single connection across multiple web pages.

See UltraLite CON connection parameter, and Maintaining connections and application state across pages.

String creatorIdOnPalm

The UltraLite database creator ID on the Palm device.

String databaseOnCE (read-write)

The file name of the database on Windows Mobile.

See UltraLite CE_FILE connection parameter.

String databaseOnDesktop (read-write)

The file name of the database deployed to Windows.

See UltraLite DBF connection parameter.

String databaseOnPalm (read-write)

The file name of the UltraLite database on Palm.

See UltraLite PALM_FILE connection parameter.

String encryptionKey (read-write)

A key for encrypting the database. OpenConnection must use the same key as specified during database creation. Suggestions for keys are:

  1. Select an arbitrary, lengthy string

  2. Select strings with a variety of numbers, letters and special characters, to decrease the chances of key penetration.

See UltraLite DBKEY connection parameter.

String password (read-write)

The password for an authenticated user. Databases are initially created with one authenticated user (DBA) with password sql. Passwords are case-insensitive if the database is case-insensitive and case-sensitive if the database is case-sensitive. The default value is sql.

See UltraLite PWD connection parameter.

String userID (read-write)

The authenticated user for the database. Databases are initially created with one authenticated user DBA. The UserID is case-insensitive. The default value is DBA.

See UltraLite UID connection parameter.