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SQL Anywhere 11.0.1 (中文) » MobiLink - 客户端管理 » 用于 MobiLink 的 SQL Anywhere 客户端


MobiLink SQL Anywhere 客户端扩展选项

dbmlsync 扩展选项简介
CommunicationAddress (adr) 扩展选项
CommunicationType (ctp) 扩展选项
ConflictRetries (cr) 扩展选项
ContinueDownload (cd) 扩展选项
DisablePolling (p) 扩展选项
DownloadBufferSize (dbs) 扩展选项
DownloadOnly (ds) 扩展选项
DownloadReadSize (drs) 扩展选项
ErrorLogSendLimit (el) 扩展选项
FireTriggers (ft) 扩展选项
HoverRescanThreshold (hrt) 扩展选项
IgnoreHookErrors (eh) 扩展选项
IgnoreScheduling (isc) 扩展选项
Increment (inc) 扩展选项
LockTables (lt) 扩展选项
Memory (mem) 扩展选项
MirrorLogDirectory (mld) 扩展选项
MobiLinkPwd (mp) 扩展选项
NewMobiLinkPwd (mn) 扩展选项
NoSyncOnStartup (nss) 扩展选项
OfflineDirectory (dir) 扩展选项
PollingPeriod (pp) 扩展选项
Schedule (sch) 扩展选项
ScriptVersion (sv) 扩展选项
SendColumnNames (scn) 扩展选项
SendDownloadACK (sa) 扩展选项
SendTriggers (st) 扩展选项
TableOrder (tor) 扩展选项
TableOrderChecking (toc) 扩展选项
UploadOnly (uo) 扩展选项
Verbose (v) 扩展选项
VerboseHooks (vs) 扩展选项
VerboseMin (vm) 扩展选项
VerboseOptions (vo) 扩展选项
VerboseRowCounts (vn) 扩展选项
VerboseRowValues (vr) 扩展选项
VerboseUpload (vu) 扩展选项