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SQL Anywhere 12.0.0 » MobiLink - Getting Started » MobiLink Tutorials » Tutorial: Changing a schema using the script version clause


Lesson 2: Create and configure the remote database

In this lesson, you set up a remote database for synchronization.

 To create and configure a remote database
  1. Run the following commands to create a remote database and start it running:

    md c:\remote
    cd c:\remote
    dbinit remote.db
    dbeng12 remote.db
  2. Open another instance of Interactive SQL and connect to remote.db.

    dbisql -c "eng=remote;dbf=remote.db;uid=dba;pwd=sql"
  3. Run the following SQL in Interactive SQL to create objects in the remote database.

    First, create the table to be synchronized.

    CREATE TABLE customer (
       id      unsigned integer primary key,
       name    varchar( 256),
       phone   varchar( 12 )
  4. Still using the Interactive SQL instance connected to the remote database, create a publication, MobiLink user and subscription. Notice that the script version is associated with the subscription using the SCRIPT VERSION clause. This is very important since the schema upgrade procedure shown in this tutorial only works for subscriptions that have the script version set using the SCRIPT VERSION clause.

          TABLE customer
    TO p1
    FOR u1
    SCRIPT VERSION 'my_ver1';

After you have executed the SQL, leave Interactive SQL running and connected to the database as you will be running more SQL against the database as you work through the tutorial.