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Database options

The following database options have been added or have enhanced functionality:

  • ansi_substring database option   This option controls the behavior of the SUBSTRING function. By default, the behavior of the SUBSTRING function now corresponds to ANSI/ISO SQL/99 behavior. A negative or zero start offset is treated as if the string were padded on the left with non-characters, and gives an error if a negative length is provided.

  • collect_statistics_on_dml_updates database option   Controls the gathering of statistics during the execution of DML statements (INSERT, DELETE, and UPDATE). See collect_statistics_on_dml_updates option.

  • default_dbspace option   This option allows you to specify the default dbspace where your tables are created. See default_dbspace option.

  • http_session_timeout option   The http_session_timeout option provides variable session timeout control. The option setting is in units of minutes. By default the public setting is 30 minutes. Minimum is 1 minute and maximum is 525600 minutes (365 days). See http_session_timeout option.

  • max_temp_space database option   You can specify the maximum amount of temporary space a connection can use with the max_temp_space option. See max_temp_space option.

  • materialized_view_optimization database option   This option controls the optimizer's use of materialized views. See materialized_view_optimization option.

  • oem_string database option   You can store information in the header page of a database file using the oem_string database option. This string can be accessed by applications and used for such purposes as storing version information, or validating that the database file is intended for your application. See oem_string option.

  • request_timeout database option   This option allows you to specify the maximum time a single request can run to help prevent connections from consuming a significant amount of server resources for a long period of time. See request_timeout option.

  • synchronize_mirror_on_commit option   This option controls when database changes are assured to have been sent to a mirror server when running database mirroring in asynchronous or asyncfullpage mode. See synchronize_mirror_on_commit option.

  • uuid_has_hyphens database option   This option controls the formatting of uniqueidentifier values when they are converted to strings.

  • verify_password_function database option   The verify_password_function database option allows you to specify a function that can be used to implement password rules. The function is called on a GRANT CONNECT statement. See verify_password_function option.

  • New database options for Java support   The following database options have been added: