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SQL Anywhere 12.0.0 » Context-Sensitive Help » SQL Anywhere plug-in help » Introduction to SQL Anywhere properties windows


Service Properties window: General tab

This tab has the following components:

  • Name   Shows the name of the service. A service runs a database server or other application with a set of options.

  • Type   Shows the type of object.

  • Service type   Shows the type of service.

Service Type Description
Network Database Server A network database server that supports client/server communications across a network.
Personal Database Server A personal database server for single-user, same-computer use.
SQL Remote Message Agent

The application that sends and receives replication messages between a consolidated database and remote databases.

A consolidated database's agent typically runs continuously, receiving replication messages continuously and sending messages periodically, while a remote database's agent typically runs on demand, receiving and sending all pending messages.

Agent for Replication Server

Also called the Log Transfer Manager (LTM), this uses the Sybase Open Server Gateway to enable SQL Anywhere databases to take part in Sybase Replication Server installations.

The Agent is required for SQL Anywhere databases acting as primary sites, but is not required for those acting as replicate sites.

This service type is only available for version 11 and earlier databases.

Sample Application

A sample application that demonstrates how to program client applications as services.

The application itself can be built from sample C code included with SQL Anywhere.

MobiLink Server The MobiLink server lets you synchronize remote databases or applications with an ODBC-compliant consolidated database.
SQL Anywhere MobiLink Client The SQL Anywhere MobiLink client that uploads and downloads data between a MobiLink server and a SQL Anywhere database.
MobiLink Listener Utility The listener utility that configures and starts the Listener on Windows devices, including Windows Mobile.
Broadcast Repeater Utility A utility that allows SQL Anywhere clients to find SQL Anywhere database servers running on other subnets and through firewalls where UDP broadcasts normally do not reach.
SQL Anywhere Volume Shadow Copy Service SQL Anywhere is compatible with the Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS). You can use VSS to create point-in-time snapshots of entire disk volumes or volume sets and to make copies of files that are open for exclusive use by applications such as the SQL Anywhere database server. See Using the SQL Anywhere Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS).
MobiLink Relay Server A set of web extensions that enable secure, load-balanced communication between mobile devices and MobiLink, Afaria and OneBridge servers communicating through a web server.
MobiLink Relay Server Outbound Enabler A utility that manages all communication between a back-end server and the Relay Server farm.
  • Status   Shows whether service is started or stopped. See Start and stop services.

  • Startup type   You can select one of the following startup options for the service. The startup option is applied the next time you start Windows:

  • Automatic   Select this option to start the service automatically whenever the operating system starts.

  • Manual   Select this option to start the service manually. Only a user with Administrator permissions can start the service if it requires manual startup.

    For information about Administrator permissions, see your Windows documentation.

  • Disabled   Select this option to disable the service so it does not start.

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