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SQL Anywhere 12.0.0 » Context-Sensitive Help » SQL Anywhere plug-in help » Introduction to SQL Anywhere properties windows


Table Properties window: Miscellaneous tab

This tab has the following components:

  • Maximum table width   Shows the number of bytes required for each row in the table. The number is calculated from the length of the string columns, the precision of numeric columns, and the number of bytes of storage for all other data types. If the table includes LONG BINARY, or LONG VARCHAR columns, their arbitrary widths are not included, so the row width can only be approximated.

  • Number of rows   Shows the approximate number of rows in the table. To update this value, click Calculate.

  • Calculate   Calculates the number of rows in the table.

  • Free space   Specifies the amount of free space you want to reserve for each table page. The free space is used if rows increase in size when the data is updated. If there is no free space in a table page, every increase in the size of a row on that page requires the row to be split across multiple table pages, causing row fragmentation and possible performance degradation.

  • Default   Choose this option to reserve the default amount of free space in each page. By default, 200 bytes are reserved in each page. This only applies to base tables.

  • Percentage   Choose this option to specify an integer between 0 and 100. The former specifies that no free space is to be left on each page—each page is to be fully packed. A high value causes each row to be inserted into a page by itself.

  • Table data is encrypted   Select this option to encrypt this table's data, when the database is created with table encryption scope. This only applies to base tables.

  • Table is replicating data   Select this option to include the table as part of a replication primary site. This only applies to base tables.

    This option is only available for version 11 and earlier databases.

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